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Friday, June 11, 2010

These boots are made for jumpin!

Time to start shopping for footwear. I just started today, & had no luck at the bargain shoe stores. There's of course hardly any low heeled boots in June. Ali Baba, Extreme Hip Hop, and L.A. Star Shoes had a few pairs of ankle, or mid-calf & fringed boots for $24-$39. But I couldn't believe Payless, a pair of mid-calf boots like the beige ones below was still $75! (Man made materials) There was no price on a pair of ankle boots like the black ones pictured. Some stores still have winter stock, or high heeled boots. If I can't find any when I go on vaca to a few states in 2 weeks, looks like I'll be ordering online. Thanks to Tara for the link to Shiekh Shoes! They have a gazillion low heeled ankle, mid-calf & knee boots. I'm impressed that they have many different styles that would work well for mas.
I think there are many casual sneakers ("lifestyle") that would look great with costumes. Not athletic white old school ones, & please, not spray painted! With all the options, you can really match up your footwear to your costume without going overboard.
All the boots & shoes are from: http://www.shiekhshoes.com/store/ Many of the styles I've posted come in other colours.

(without the fur)

Lisa's boots

Silver would be perfect for a lot of costumes.

There are many costumes where gold boots would work best.

I just had to put these, called Rihanna, up - ooooh, if they didn't have all that fur, how cute would they be???

So did you get your footwear? Let us know where, & feel free to share a picture!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karabana, Thanks for the boots and sneakers on the various costumes. I'm playing frontline with Toronto Revellers section "Last Dance - colors royall blue and silver, what color boots would your choose.
I do need your help in this one, its a beautiful shade of royal blue. should I go with silver boots. Should I wear boots or sneakers.
Help a sista please.

Karabana said...

Hey Sista Anon, I'd go with silver boots. (FL looks best in boots) Bc unless it's the exact same shade of royal blue, they could cause your look to be "off". And if you're a regular masquerader, you'll likely get to wear silver again. :-)

Kiya said...

Hi Karabana, thanks for all you do and share with us!
What color do you suggest for frontline D'Lizard. Would gold boots work?
And also, why do you not like spray painted boots if designed nicely?

Lisa said...

Hi Karabana, I'm playing in Nationz Jean & Dinah pink/purple section backline. I found my boots downtown on Yonge St (going North) just before you hit Bloor at a little shoe store called "David's" They've got purple, white, brown & royal blue boots for $39.99. My boots are purple and I decorated them with pink rhinestones, glitter and I cut a pink boa and stitched it around the top of the boots to give them some "wow!" I love them!

I'm going to send you a picture of them in a separate email 'cos I can't figure out how to attach them to this comment!

Karabana said...

Thanks Kiya. It's spray painted white athletic sneaks that I don't personally care for the look of. I just think we've come a long way from those days, there are so many colourful stylish options out there that you don't have to resort to spraying an old pair of Reeboks. I find it takes away from the beauty of the costume to see poorly decorated big ol sneakers.

Yeah, I'd go gold w Lizard, for the same reason as Sista - when you've got a mostly solid costume it can be difficult matching up the exact shade so that's where either gold or silver comes in. :-)
But, what do you think, ankle boots for FL?: (same as orange ones)

I think these flats would look so cute (backline):

Lisa, thanks for the info & sending your pics, great job, they look perfect!!:-)!

bana2k10 said...

I am doing Sasa Yea FL and cant find any shoes :( i did see a few boots as I was thiking of doing silver but none in my size (8). What do you guys think, should I go with silver ? If anyone can help where I can find silver boots either ankle or calf high . I really want boots this year always wanted to do them and with doing a FL costume this year I feel it is necessary. HELP !!:)

tara Bragg said...

I would suggest gold boots for sa sa yea... the costume has gold accents. the website posted above has gold boots.

i ordered from them friday night and paid thru paypal... came up to $43 cdn for my boots and they shipped today.

I am playing Jean and Dinah Blue FL so i got the Zulu style in a royal blue. keep ya posted when they arrive.

Karabana said...

bana2k10, did you see these turquoise boots?:

I'm not seeing silver or gold accents in Sa Sa Yea, not sure which I'd go with... so I guess either would work.
Here's an ankle boot that has both a gold & silver sheen:

Oh, if you wear flats, for BL, either shade of these turquoise would match so well:

Kiya said...

Thanks Kara!

bana2k10 said...

Thanks Kara....it is really hard.. the costume for Sasa FL has lots of crystals on the breast area of the monokini and the wait (evehough it's small..lol) is all crystals as well. The headpiece also has a bit of silver accents. I would prefer silver over gold because then i could always glitter it out with some turquoise glitter. I think that would look better on silver boots..
thanks for all ur help.
P.S..flats would have been perfect if they were boots :)

Anonymous said...

Well I know it's gonna look kinda strange, but I'll be wearing some Pumas with Drunk and Disorderly. It will work depending on how I do my hair and make-up and etc.

Here's a pic...

Tara said...

my boots arrived yesterday from Shiekh shoes that was super fast shipping since i orderded them on Friday night

... now off to the mas camp tomorrow evening to make sure the shade of blue matches my Jean and Dinah FL :) i have my doubts so fingers crossed... at least they offer returns if they arent a match

going to check lisa's suggestion tomorrow after work.

tara said...

David's shoes only had a size 5 in the blue boots...

mass#1fan said...

Hey guys i found this site through one of the blogs i was reading. Check it out..The prices are not bad and they have lots of sizes
www.carnivalkicks.com . I ordered my boots from there and they should be here by next week. I will updte when i receive them and post a pic once I bling them out. :)

Pressure Boom said...

@ Lisa - your boots look soooo nice thanks for the tip! I'm doing the fuschia Jean and Dinah for Miami and trudynasty's caliente frontline for caribana. So I can easily use those boots for both costumes :)

@ Kara - hiiii! sooo I think kinda have a hunce as to what band you've selected but Im curious to know what section are you playing in??

Karabana said...

Hey ya Pressure Boom, so if you wanna guess which band & section I'm in, I've posted a pic of a cute pair of boots I found. I won't say if your hunch is right though. ;-)

tara said...

So i just got home from the mas camp and the verdict is in.... after much debate the "blue" boots I ordered online are actually a "cobalt blue" (as described on the box) and they are more purple to the naked eye so they wont go with my costume... (they do look blue in certain lighting however).

BUT and here is the funny part they are a near PERFECT match for the purple in the jean and dinah fuschia/purple section. So anyone needing a size 10 purple boot for that section hit me up! $40 taxes in (I paid $43 with taxes, shipping and exchange rate). Otherwise they are going back for an exchange or I could even keep them as they would make a cute winter boot or save em for whenever i play a purple costume again. I am not worried over them finding a good use :) They are super comfy.

So... My boot search continues... I am likely going to get light grey and dye them blue (or leave them as is as i think grey may actually look very nice with the blue jean and dinah). I have a sample of the feathers now so I can match up the shading this time :)

wish me luck. worst case I go with silver. but i think thats boring and since I am playing FL I want to go all out :)

Pressure Boom said...

@ tara - could you possibly send a pic of the boots to Kara to post please. They are my size and i'm playing in that section :)

Anonymous said...

This is from an email:
Hi Karabana....since you are the info site for all things Caribana as Saucy is for T'dad. I have a question for you.....My boyfriend is playing with Saldenah in "Fallen Angels" - the "devil" section. (Apparently a lot of guys are playing in this section). Anyway....could you ask on your blog where we can find a makeup artist who will do face and body makeup for Caribana please. He wants to have "devil" makeup for his face and body and I know from Ronnie - the section leader - that a lot of the guys have asked him about this.

So please let me know if you find out anything and I will pass it on to Ronnie as well as make an appointment for my B/F immediately.


Karabana said...

I've posted Tara's boots pic near the J&D picture Pressure Boom.

Tara said...

@Pressure Boom...

The pic I sent to Kara is not a good indicator of what the boots look like in person. the boots seem to photograph different with a flash which is why they look blue on the website when I ordered them ... when I took them out the box my immediate reaction is they are purple not blue. Jeannine the section leader for jean and dinah suggested they are a match for the purple/fuschia section - they are the same shade of purple as the purple feathers.

Im picky when it comes to mas and costume accessories and makeup (being a Makeup artist) so I wouldnt suggest the boots to another masquerader unless I thought they would match.

I'm at the mas camp often so we can meet up if you like so you can see them in person with the costume
to decide if you like em and if they fit.

email me at tara.bragg@rogers.com if interested...

Tara said...

@ Charmain

I am a freelance MUA and I did some work for a few of the bands this year. But since I also play mas I am not certain I can commit to seeing clients that day unless its very early in the morning and the location is right. I play with nationz and they are band #6 so behind saldenah.

I have also collaborated with another MUA for band launch makeup so I will see if she has availability on caribana day.

What time and whereabouts in the city are you located?

My company email is braggingrightsbeauty@gmail.com if you want to discuss further... if I cant do the makeup for your BF I can try and help get you connected with someone.

Tara said...

Kara sounds like the devil section will have plenty action ... NO BEHAVIOUR!!! LOL

mass#1fan said...

Hey Karabana, as I promised I emailed you some pics of my boots.It's my first time doing them and I gave it a good shot. they are not perfect but they match my costume and I am happy with what i did . all accents were from the dollar store... the boots were from carnivalkicks.com Can't wait till jump up day. Tell me what you think. I also attached the picture of the costume to remind you what it looks like. :O ) Sasa Yeah (frontline)

Karabana said...

They look really fabulous mass#1fan!! :-) This new lace up design is killer, works so well for mas. It's a Toronto trend? Bc I haven't seen it yet in Trinidad.

Anonymous said...


Shoeocean has a great selection for cheap.
Got my boots there for $28.

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