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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Carnival Nationz band launch 2011

I was looking forward to this launch because the theme really has a lot going for it, and I expected the creatures would come to life through creative designs. Since I don't care for Sound Academy (the location, the parking, the venue - ugh.), I was pleased to hear of the venue change. While this downtown location was better, parking for the Phoenix was an issue. The bad news was the lot across from it was full when we arrived at 11:30ish. We ended up having to park way the heck on Jarvis, but the good news was for just $5. The Phoenix seemed rather small for the big crowd that attends Carnival Nationz launches, not to mention it's just an uncomfortable sweat box. However, I still preferred it.
Anyway, onto the Mythical Creatures!

The theme this year was jewels, JEWELS!! Practically every creature had jewelery dripping from their waistbands. Back stage was a sea of jingling costumes. The other theme was BIG, most all headpieces were massive & quite impressive, representing their creature well. Noteworthy ones for me are Pixie, Dragon, Quetzal, Phoenix.
I love the colour mix in Sphinx, Centaur, Unicorn and Banshee. Overall favourites are Unicorn (great bra!), Dragon male, Sphinx, Pixie & Pan (male).
The choice for CNz masqueraders will be a tough one, since there are so many gorgeous creatures, no beasts. The same can be said for fast sell outs as well.

Trini-in-Toronto says this:
Usually when I look at a band launch I see one or two costumes that really stand out. At this launch I am really hard pressed to find a weak costume. Of course people will have preferences for colors that look good on them, or they like huge head pieces, but I can't point to any section and say "what were they thinking?" And I know guys might criticize that they can't see the theme in certain costumes, but I think Nationz designs for their customer. And their costumer doesn't want to look like a horse with a horn. She wants a sexy white costume with lots of feathers and embellishments and that's what they delivered.

Registration starts Tuesday for loyalty masqueraders. Costumes are $185. Front line prices TBD.
Stage pictures will be up later!


Partyanimal said...

All I can say is NATIONZ OUT DID THEMSELVES THIS YEAR!!!!! Each section look great, so more than others. I dont think there is any bad or rushed looking sections. Just waiting the confirmation of the section leaders so my crew and I can choose our section. I like EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! The phoenix theather was HOT!!! I was bothered by that, but the made it worst it with their costumes. PS. Thank God for your pics Karabana, my are not so clear. :)

Partyanimal said...

Correction..."But they made it worth it with their costumes."

nikisha said...

wooyyyyyy cahnival nationz u takin band ah di year boi!!! ah mus say i enjoy miself ah di launch last night all di costume looking hawt like fiyah.. hello!! lol allyuh do a rel nice job ah glad ah wait for ya'all . I have to tell y'all i was gunna miss out dis year being 6months pregnant and all BUTTT from dose cotumes i aint missin dis year at all at all at all.btw which section all y'all tink is di hottest costumes??

bluemarvel_ said...

Nationz costumes were very nice. I am going to wait see what Sally has this year though. That secrets of the outer limits theme sounds very intriquing. Last year I did not wait and regretted it.

LushKizzez85 said...

I love them all!! I just hope their not sold out after Tuesday! fingers ans toes crossed because I'm not a Loyalty member!!

B2K said...

@Partyanimal..I agree with you 100% They really did an incredible job and I am happy with the way all the costumes turned out. I also live every single one of them.

My favs are Pixie, Dragon, Unicorn & Sea Nymph...and lets not forget Angel..OMG..did u see the wings on the Front Line version. This years decision will be hard , however I will be there at the front of the line come mas camp opening day. I must have my first choice as I think Nationz has a really great chance of taking a win this year.

Caribana Posse said...

Nice costumes....but somehow the look and feel is similar to past Nationz costumes...seems typical nationz...but nice.

Caribana Posse said...

Waiting for Sally though...secrets of the outer limits I'm curious to see..

Carnival Divaz said...

I hope that I can get into a section

B2K said...

BTW.. Just to be clear is the camp open for loyalty members next Tues (May 17) this Tues (May 10). I thought they said next week. Can someone plese confirm which date is correct.


Trini-in-Toronto said...

At the launch they said tomorrow (Monday) The CNZ website goes live and the day after that Tuesday May 10th they start loyalty registration. Lushkizzez,If I never played with them before and I had my heart set on a costume, I would holler at that section leader and beg for a bly.... but thats just me;)

B2K said...

Thanks Trini..just want to be sure..I am not missing that, I have to have my first choice.
BTW: That is good advice u giving to Lushkizzez, depending on the section leader u could get a bly.. :)

Partyanimal said...

B2K its like you and I are always on the same page! Sea Nymph, dragon, and Unicorn are also some of my crew and myself main choices, along with Phoenix.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I'm just re-reading your question and just to be clear, I'm not 100% sure if the Tuesday loyalty registration is online or at the mascamp. I'd try to get someone on the phone on Monday before going down there.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

its at the mascamp on Tuesday

LushKizzez85 said...

@Trini-in-Toronto: Thanks for the advice! I hope I'm lucky :)

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