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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Visiting Tribal Knights mas camp

Legends of Cleopatra Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

One of the things I enjoy doing for this blog is visiting mas camps and talking to the band leaders. We chatted with Dexter about not only the new things happening with his band, but other carnivals he participates in, and next year's theme Candyland, which he is quite excited about.

The costumes, as always, are designed with attention to fine detail and quality. Care is also put into giving men great looking costumes, not just board shorts. This is something that discerning masqueraders must appreciate, I mean, they pay for it too! I'm drawn to big headpieces, and have many favourites, particularly Spain & Northern Lights.
Dexter told us four sections are about to be sold out. Can you guess which ones?
Legends of the Orient Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

Legends of Spain Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

Legends of Spain Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

Legends of Africa Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

Legends of the Black Pearl Section lead & frontline SOLD OUT, May 28

The Northern Lights Section lead SOLD OUT, May 28


Partyanimal said...

My guesses on which 4 sections are almost sold out are:
-The peach
-Pink, blue and purple
I see they've revamped a few sections... I don't know if they made dream catcher better or worst!It doesn't look attractive... to me.
PS. I cant wait to their Candyland presentation.

Karabana aka Toronto Caribbean Carnival said...

You got one right!

Partyanimal said...

Only one! Oh gosh boy. OK I'm adding Black pearl and Africa

Karabana aka Toronto Caribbean Carnival said...

Alrighty, you got another 1 right.

Karabana aka Toronto Caribbean Carnival said...

In addition to the original 4, Cleopatra, Northern Lights, Black Pearl & Rain forest, now Spain, Africa & Orient also are sold out - not backlines though.

Giselle said...

Be careful if you are playing MAS with Tribal Knights. Costumes don't get finished in time or they haphazardly done not looking like the finish product that is displayed at their MAS camp. I played with them last year and my costume was fine but my friends' costumes weren't even completed. They were doing frontline in Dexter's sections and they didn't have backpack and they paid in full for their frontline costume.

chronicqueen18@msn.com said...

On the comment costumes are never finished on time, happens in all camps for all yuh new to playing mass. It is not Detxers fault. That is the section leaders responsibility. Last year some real friendemies were in the camp. Yes section leaders too, and dey real shit dem up. Some double agents were in de camp SABOTAGING production. Dey thief material head pieces for what ? HATING ON DE MAN. TRIBAL KNIGHTS FOREVER!!!!!

fiya jorman said...

Could you email me the price ranges, and which ones are not sold out.

fiya jorman said...

Could u email me, I have a few questions. safiya_jorman@hotmail.com

Kara Bana said...

Are you talking about this year (2013) fiya?
Their mas camp opens on April 21, so no sections are sold out yet.

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