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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mythical Creatures

As far as themes go, Mythical Creatures can certainly be chock-full of creativity. Carnival Nationz has created quite a buzz with their tantalizing theme, causing masqueraders to wonder what their costumes will look like.
A designer would neither confirm nor deny that gargoyles & gnomes will be in the lineup. I couldn't get a yay or nay on cyclopes or trolls either... (After all, men play mas too!)Will we see a serpent, or a siren? A genie, a gremlin? Hmmmm....
I suspect we'll see a sexy/scandalous version of a dragon.

How cool would these creepy wings be?

Speaking of wings, who doesn't want to have 'em?... I'd personally love the idea of butterfly wings on a fairy.

I especially look forward to seeing how the Sphinx, a unicorn & a centaur for the guys are designed. Oh, and a Pagasus perhaps? I hope we'll see fur, like in this creative & cute Halloween costume.
I figure there will be plenty of soft feminine pink, purple & peach for the fairies and pixies (and nymphs?), and of course white & silver for the angels. (& with angels there must be devils, right?) Mermaid is bound to be a fast sell out section, I mean think of how many females want to wear a mermaid costume...
I know CNz will come out strong at their much anticipated band launch (at a new location, the, ahem!, Phoenix) on Saturday.


B2K said...

Karabana..I must say I thought of most of those mystical creatures that you mentioned. I am beyond excited, I just really hope that they go with to portraying their theme, and not just thinking about making sexy mas it is all about a combination of both.

I am sooo ready..whether it's a unicorn, mermaid, fairy, or nymph...anyone of them if done great,will certainly sell off quick :)

Partyanimal said...

Same with me, I thought of most of those Mythical creature as well. I know of some section leaders that are excellent with portraying the theme nicely. I'm getting excited already... I already know which section leader(s) I am playing with in Nationz, just got to choose the section. I also know of a section that is FOR SURE in their presentation that you never mentioned, but I'm not sure if i should expose the name.

Karabana said...

OoOh, a sultry Selkie?

B2K said...

I know of two sections that are for sure, one of which if it is done well it will sell out in record time and that is the one I want. :) I am also hoping that they do it in *White* which is a color I have never done....either way...I am there.... :)

I am beyond excited. Two More days to go.

designingDARYL said...

Hmmmn... Liking all this anticipation boy... Nationz coming tuh ADVANTAGE IT on Saturday... Nice write up Karabana... Execution of theme is always something that is of priority to me - even when left up to and OPEN to interpretation - it should still comprise of something relative to theme. So let's hope that given this "disclaimer" you now prepare yourself to be mesmerized (and "HORNED" lol) by some of Nationz most MYTHICAL CREATURES....

Trini-in-Toronto said...

The devil is not a mythical creature. Satan is very real. You all should be afraid....VERY AFRAID!!!

Karabana said...

Um, sprites? (but they're kinda the same as fairies & pixies...)
A harpy?...

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