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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blues Carnival Fusion band launch

Tonight we welcomed our newest "A band" Blues Carnival Fusion and their presentation Lost Civilizations...


What struck me about the presentation of costumes was they've got backpacks down! And I really can't call them simply backpacks, several of them are much more than that. Very impressive creations for the Mayans and Babylon. They showed & moved so well on stage, and you just know how they'll dazzle on the road in the bright sun. For those who can't get enough feathers, Phonecians and Atlantis covers that well. Love the Atlantis textured "wavy water" bra and waistband with the tiny tear drop jewels, I like this top & bottom costume the most for looking unique. Out of all the headpieces, Ancient Palmyra's is my favourite. Thumbs up for the pale peachy rose colour chosen in Kwan Phayao, it's lovely. I like to see when designers break outside of the red, yellow, pink, green, orange and blue box and explore some of the many other choices in colour wheel we've got. Stand out male in Clovis, that'll be quick to sell out. Nice options too for the females, I like to see those kind of big headpieces with Indian mas.

Another thing Narissa and her talented team have done is covered all the basis with offering a few options. That's something A bands have been doing the last couple of years - giving us a pared down basic backline costume, a "mid" line, or at least a mid headpiece, and a full on frontline. But then there are also what I'm assuming are individuals. They even designed the parade's first c thong with body slave jewellery attached. What can I say - the entire costume with the wire bar is daring! Welcome to A class indeed!

 Ancient Palmyra





Kwan Phayao

We tried to also hit Black Sage, we went after the Blues Carnival launch, who didn't launch until after 12, they launched at the same time, so they were already finished.


Simonne Samuel said...

You are right about those back pieces. I am very impressed with this new band. Thanks to you for sharing!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Niaa, you made your comment under the tribal carnival post (we didn't censor you)

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