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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tribal Carnival band launch 2013 The Beauty of Nature (Stage Shots)

Caribana (Toronto Carnival) 2013 season is officially off to a beautiful start with Tribal Carnival's costume presentation The Beauty of Nature. It was held again at the Grand Luxxe, which is a good central location. 





I am impressed with the shiny purple in Birds, the jewels in Pele, Butterflies cute wings, and most men's headpieces are stand outs, as are Oasis, Tribal, Autumn and Storm headpieces. Familiar Indian mas colours yellow & teal were used in Tribal, but the designers created their own touches to it. Love this costume! I also really like all the elements in Autumn. 

 Poison Ivy






The Wild





So what do you think of The Beauty of Nature?


yeayeabe said...

Oh la la, carnival season is here. Looks like a very nice presentation overall!

At first look, I like the purple birds.

The green ivy looks so familiar to me...

Kryssy said...

Hi Kara & Trini! Great to "see" y'all back again! Loving Tribal's costumes this year. I'm pretty sure we are playing with them for the third year in a row. We are so excited! The second y'all posted the photos, it kicked out conference calls, emails, FB posts... All kinds of planning for this year! :)
I really like Oasis but because we are playing mas with some male friends we are leaning towards the Birds section. That purple is pretty!
I agree with the previous comment that some of the costumes look familiar (like Butterflies reminds me of the section I played in with TK last year, and The Wild reminds me of a costume that they put out 2 yrs ago) but I still love them. Counting down until August!
Kryssy (Trini-K)

Simonne Samuel said...

These costumes are stunning. I am all about the leg pieces this year so The Wild stands out for me. I love that you guys get these pictures up so quickly. I may switch bands this year and your blog would be the reason. Its the only place I can see costumes without travelling all over. Thanks!!

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Simonne, Don't tell your band leader we facilitate your switching bands eh, We don't want to anger anymore stakeholders;)

Niaa Machaela said...

Lets hear about Fusion costumes, and I wonder who made their backpacks and headpieces. No recognition was given to the section leaders the night of the show. Why?

Simonne Samuel said...

Hmmmm they don't like free publicity? Don't worry I hear you.

Crying Wolf said...

Hrm, are you saying that knights designed their backpacks? Or blues designed knights backpacks? Most of the time credit is given on their website after the launch has taken place.

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