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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carnival Nationz the Reef band launch

  Fan Coral 
Mandarin Fish
Carnival Nationz launched their Reef presentation tonight at Kool Haus to an anxiously awaiting crowd at 2 am.
D' Zebra
Emperor Angel Fish
Scorpaenidae Fish


Flasher Wrasse

First off, Holy Headpieces Batman! Very impressive height on most - Flasher Wrasse, Sea Horse, and Sea Urchin being the huge stand outs. Important to note is none of the models needed to hold their headpiece in place, they all stayed securely on.
Good to see the backlines aren't tiny versions of the frontlines. For those who don't like to wear a big headpiece, there are headbands for Tawiki Fish and Sea Urchin. Yes, we've seen 2 of the headpiece designs before.
I really like the entire look of Mandarin Fish backline and frontline versions, as well as Coral Fish, which is just on fire! Favourite headpiece is Flasher Wrasse, both back and frontlines. Pearl Queen of Gems reminds me of soft adorable Cottonelle kittens wearing rhinestones. Like Angel Fish's beautiful monokini. 
There's a strong band uniformity to the designs, with jewellery, waistbands held together by ribbon, and body jewels. It wasn't about backpacks for CNz this year, but massive, well designed headpieces, sexified wire bras and a couple tiny jewelled waistbands barely covering bikini bottoms. Strong showing, all colour combinations are gorgeous, making it a difficult decision I suspect for their masqueraders.

 Sea Horse

Temminckii Fish


  Sea Urchin

Yellow Nudibranch

Pearl Queen of Gems



Thoughts on the Reef? How will you decide??


Kay Dané said...

Their costumes look beautiful !!! I love the white one and the purple & yellow one. Carnival Nationz rarely if ever disappoints.

Just wondering... did you guys cover the Carnival Angelz (Callaloo) band launch last night? I know they had there's as well. I would love to see some pictures...?

Kryssy said...

Beautiful costumes by CNz's this year. The headpieces are stunning. They definitely made some interesting choices with their choice of beadwork... I don't know if I love that aspect. But the headpieces are some of the best I've seen. Really remarkable. Great shots guys! :)

Kryssy said...
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Simonne Samuel said...

I LOVE these! The colour combinations are outstanding! Its almost like they read my mind about wanting big leg pieces. The head pieces are amazing and your observation of them being secure is on point. I don't know which one to pick. :)

Kara Bana said...

Couldn't find any info on Callaloo, nothing out here for this yr., so doubt they launched.

Lisa said...

I just read on Trinidad Carnival Diary's FaceBook page that the Bliss designer that did Cobra for TT Carnival this year is talking about suing CNZ for copyright infringement for their Tawiki Fish frontline. It's a similar look because of the wings...but really, no one's cornered the market on wings and monokinis. Harts has been using wings for years. CnZs Angel Fish backline looks similar to the Island People costume I played in in 2012. And last year the CNZ costume I played in in their Empires presentation looked just like Tribe's Ibiza costume from that year. Honestly, BBF mas is difficult to make unique...

Trini-in-Toronto said...

This kind of big cape that spreads out and has lines like pleats in it is not new. This is a very similar design to the gold one they used in 2011. follow the link to see the pic


And I think I saw it before that in other bands... its a cape ... superman, dracula and batman all had capes, its ok

Kara Bana said...

There will always be comparisons & accusations about designs ripping off other designs, being inspired by others, blah blah. Seriously if 1 person sues, that's just gonna cause a whole avalanche of other lawsuits from years past, which is absolutely ridiculous, no one will wanna design mas!

But T-i-T, those superhero capes weren't multicoloured & iridescent. ;-)

designingDARYL said...

You really read that Lisa? SHOCKING

Crying Wolf said...

Wow, if that's true then I'm surprised that the designer isn't suing Tribal Knights for their Wild Things headpiece. As for the cape, when I first started playing mas years ago with Tribal Knights Birds of Paradise theme, those capes were used for practically every other section. I wonder if it's for the dying of the cape or the cape in general?

toyacoco said...

My favourites are Flasher Wrasse and Mandarin Fish. This year is all about the cage bras Kara girl! lol

As for this hype over capes, they need to take a seat. How long have bands been using capes? I understand maybe the colours...but really.

But I won't lie...I am dying to see Daryl's costumes in Sally's band.....

Tasha Macvien said...

only 1 i like is yellow nudibranch n usually i like all of CNZ costumes lovin the kage bras this year! has ne1 hear anythin about the 99 dollar hotel package for cn revellers? and i heard a couple section sold out ne1 kno which sections? i cant make it to register until mid-may

Kara Bana said...

Yes, Mandarin Fish sold out April 26.
Haven't hear about a hotel package, I'll look into it...

Kara Bana said...

Yes, here are the details: Courtyard Marriott Toronto Downtown.

Guests may make reservations either by calling in or by following the online links. To book over the phone the guest may either reference the group name or group code assigned. Central reservations number is 1 800 847 5075.

Early Bird Rate ($115):

Group code: SCNS

Book ONE STANDARD ROOM at Courtyard Toronto Downtown for $115.00 per night

Group Rate ($125)

Group code: SCMS

Book ONE KING BED at Courtyard Toronto Downtown for $125 per night

Book TWO QUEEN BEDS at Courtyard Toronto Downtown for $125 per night


Simonne Samuel said...

Fan Coral has also sold out! Flasher Wrasse is close and so is Emperor Angelfish.

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