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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fantazia International Unleash your Fantasy band launch 2014

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Fantazia International was the second band to hold their launch this season.
Six sections were presented for their Unleash your Fantasy theme at Ricky Ricardo’s club at College & Bathurst. All sections had models showing several options. Technical difficulties delayed the show for a bit at first, but then things eventually got back on track.






I really liked the variety given, especially the different types of monokinis.  They've designed some decorated bottoms, no waistbands, which is something new for us in Toronto. Den of Sin's bodysuit cut out is very creative and received a collective gasp from the audience. Well done! I think all the colour combinations are appealing. There were no issues with headpieces being designed a little too grandiose and unfortunately they can't actually function - none slipped off, and no models were holding onto them. They all looked quite comfortable in their costumes. Bigger isn't necessarily better - masqueraders should be able to easily maneuver around and take a wine.   

Den of Sin

Those whips & hand cuffs will come in handy on the road for masqueraders to deal with stormers!

Incentive for early registrants.


Kryssy said...

Den of Sin: my favorite costume. That black bodysuit is EVERYTHING. I don't like the 1/2-black 1/2 white feathers on the backpack. But this group of costume look the most well-made.
I agree... I hink the variety of styles are a plus. They're showing a lot of diversity and it almost seems like they are really in tune with women and the areas we like to enhance or hide in some cases. LOL
I think that some of the monokinis/tops do not offer support for anything over a B-cup... Which will not be unflattering to some of the bustier-women. But the bra tops seem to offer good support.
I don't care for the beadwork on the bikini-bottom of the Candyland section. It looks slapped on.
Overall, I'm impressed that the sections tie in very well to the themes for each section. I like the variety that's being offered. I give them a B++

Crying Wolf said...

^I agree, I was completely feeling the Den of Sin section, I'm not normally a back line girl but damn I would be fine wearing that skimpy little backline, I love it! Just not liking the white feathers either and I love that bodysuit! My second favorite was the purple, pink was really cute as well. As for the rest I was totally feeling it and I was glad that they made some efforts to try out some new trends, like monokinis, and glitter panties. I loved the varieties of colors and designs, but I did feel like the front lines were a bit lack luster, just an arm piece here, leg piece there..collar there, nothing big. I can understand as they probably made it so that people can be front line and not get their costumes destroyed before crossing the stage but I wanted more. Maybe that's what everyone is doing this year...we will see.

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