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Sunday, April 06, 2014

Secret of the Wingz - Tribal Carnival band launch 2014

Tonight was all tings wingz with Tribal Carnival's presentation The Secret of the Wingz. The first band launch of the season was held at the Armenian Community Centre again, with models from 9 sections hitting the stage at 1:30.



 The Guardian


 Angel of Passion


Heavenly Bodies


 Arch Angel



Angel of Lust

Angel of Secrets



Angel of Bliss

Now that the Secret has been revealed, what do you think?
I'm partial to Guardian & Lust.  


Kryssy said...

As I was seeing pics posted last night and this morning I was like... Oh Lawd. How can I leave a short comment?! I've come to terms with the fact that I can't. LOL. I guess I'll just go down the list...
-Fairy Topia: I like the blue shorts; Very cute cutouts. The color combination is not my cup of tea. I don't care for the yellow and green in the mix with the blue.
-Guardian Angel: Candice has done it again. Although I'm partial to her because she's such a phenomenal section leader, this costume is beautiful and looks very well made; which is Candice's signature. The Frontline, (with the arm & leg feathered bands), is my favorite. (Tied for my first choice.) I like the frontline more than the Section Leader costume.... I actually thought the FL WAS the SL costume at first because it just stands out more.

-Angel of Passion: I never thought I'd like a green & yellow costume. On video it was very pretty. It didn't photograph as pretty but I still like it.

-Heavenly Bodies: this is another color combo I wouldn't normally like but I actually like the one with the huge backpack. It's in my top 5....(4th)

-Arch Angel: well Tribal seems to have put something out that looks similar to this each year since I've been playing w/them. (Africa, The Wild, etc.) I normally NEVER go for the earth tones (or animal print) but yet again, a good design seems to have changed my mind. I heard audience members commenting on the video that it was beautiful and I agree. It's my #3 pick overall.
-Angel of Lust: this is a pretty costume. But because my Birds costume from last year was also purple, (& so pretty), this one isn't in the running for me. That feathered bra top is a nice & unique touch though.

-Angel of Secrets: I didn't like this at all at first glance. The light green was what threw me off. Also I thought that 2 predominately purple sections weren't needed but... the more photos I saw, the more it grew on me... Even though it's purple. It's my #5 pick... Depending on the angle I see it from. :)

-Phoenix: although Pele (from last year) grew on me and I ended up liking it... I seem to be pre-disposed to not like the yellow and red color combo. It just screams ketchup and mustard to me. It's a shame that my brain is wired that way, because the one with large backpack... When the model opened up its wings at the launch... I was very impressed. If this costume was all red or all yellow, it would be one of my favorites for sure.

-Angel of Bliss: well the next generation of TC hit the mark with this one. It's tied for first place on my list of faves. The second model in your photos looked so beautiful on video and the Section Leader costume is GORGEOUS. It's very show-girl meets Victoria's Secret. Even the back line is pretty.

None of the male costumes were really attention-grabbing to me... But it's rare that one grabs my attention like the camouflage costume that one of the bands had last yr.

I did notice that TC had some unique accessories. Wrist bracelets, cuffs and the normal arm bands... Along with necklaces. I love the extra feathers as well. Very Nice touches.

I thought overall it was a great launch. I'm a loyal TC mas player so now I just have to pick a costume w/my group... This year they've definitely made it hard to pick a top 1. Bravo Tribal Team! And THANK YOU Kara & Trini for the pictures!!! :)

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Thanks so much for your review Kryssy. It was almost 5am by the time we finished uploading the pictures, I was tired, and getting cranky. I figured it best to go and sleep rather than try and write something and have it come out overly critical.

Kryssy said...

LOL. My bad. I was excited. I guess I had a lot to say. LOL. I've been anticipating this year more than years prior for some reason. I need a character count limit. Hope I didn't overstep. Eek! LOL

Keisha Strachan said...
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Keisha Strachan said...

Im playing Candice section for sure. HOPE WE GET A GREAT POSITION THIS YEAR TOO.

Kara Bana said...

No probs at all Kryssy, your comments are more than welcome. That's what we really like to see, so have at 'er! :-) I feel ya on what you said.
Short & sweet is accepted too (Keisha) ;-)

Liipstik said...
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Liipstik said...

The Angel of Bliss section looks very similar, if not almost exact, to the Skyfall section by the Toronto Revellers from 2013 TO Carnival. From the men's costume, to shape and style of the wire bra, even the feathered wings on the section leader costume, it looks too familiar. At least wait a carnival season or two to replicate a style or better yet change colour of the costume so they don't look alike. Not to mention, the headpiece for the backline looks like Rih Rih's Crop Over costume. Just saying.

Liipstik said...
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Crying Wolf said...

To be honest I thought what I would be seeing from Tribal Knights would be big wings, elaborate designs, and glitter everywhere, with all the hype and Victoria Secret being mentioned in their original theme Angels. Then they changed it to Secret of the Wings which is actually a tinker bell movie but it still had wings. I was not impressed. I still have my favorites though, being the yellow (even though I've worn something like that before, probably the same designer) and the white (the only thing that really represented the original theme). Purple and pink, I liked but I wasn't sold on it. I just felt like there was something missing, it's just not there. I'm just not sold. I'm usually very much in love with Knights costumes but not this time. Oh well, can't always nail it every year.

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