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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Saldenah Carnival band launch 2014 - River of Mirrors

Saldenah Carnival launched their much anticipated River of Mirrors presentation at the Kool Haus.
Models from 15 sections came on at 12:45 for a very appreciated @ 1.5 hrs.





Arawak Princess


 I was especially drawn to Arawak Princess - that red & blue looks sensational together. The fringed monokini is perfect, the bras & waistbands are bejeweled beautifully, the headpieces are wonderful, and those wings are impressively made.  The red peacock feathered backpack is a scaled down, more manageable version of Princess of the Gates from last year. 

Vortex Reflections



Mythic Warrior




Soca River


Kudos to this design, for these cute wings to being decorated in the back too.


Ancient Goddess

Ancient Goddess certainly had the wow factor with those head, leg and shoulder pieces.
Very glad to see no massive headpieces slip off this time, and models weren't forced to keep a hand on them to hold them in place. 
And that jeweled monokini, um, sexy much?!?! The soft rose coloured feathers in the feathered one also create a very pretty overall costume.   
Who is the designer for this again?



I was very impressed with this feathered train in Skyfall, and the back-in-the-day shoulder pads together with a sexy cut out monokini gave it a modern twist.


 Medieval: Royals & Rogues


Beyond Illusions







 The Saldenah crew came out STRONG with each & every section. There's something for everyone: cage bras, different styles of monokinis, high waisted and spider panties, beaded headbands, feathers, jewels and more feathers! 
They've given us soft & feminine colour combos like Kaleidoscope and Beyond Illusions; bold & bright in Glimmer, Arwak Princess and Solstice; a rainbow of colours in Cristales and Mythic Warrior. 
It's not going to be an easy decision at all for masqueraders, with so many creative choices.   


Kryssy said...

These costumes had a lot going on. They look "busy" to me BUT that opinion has to do more with my personal style/preference. I prefer costumes that are one color or 2 complimentary colors with pretty beading and a stand-out design element; I.e. A great headpiece and/or backpack, etc. For me, the colors and the patterns and the bling and the fringe and the over the top design elements... It was a lot to take in. But I've seen people all over raving about this launch. I actually really liked Solistice & Ancient Goddess by Designing Daryl. I also liked the colors of Skyfall. I'm not sure about the capes though. I can't see that being worn (dragged) down the route and on the flip side wouldn't want to buy a costume I couldn't wear the whole time. I do like that they offered options with the monokinis and bikinis, etc. I also really like their male costumes. That's all I got... :)

Niki Chance said...

I agree with you Kryss,
I really love this band but
because of the costume styles this year I havent bought one yet,
I'm actually disappointed with the styles. Too busy, the colours and patterns dont go together. Disappointing.

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