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Monday, April 06, 2015

Carnival costume expectations

Does anyone else feel like the start of band launch season has snuck up on them? With Tribal Carnival launching in a few days, are you ready to start thinking about costumes? 
The security problems (read: stormers were out of control) that plagued last year's parade has caused the largest amount of people ever to complain and cry out for change.  
Which is understandable when you consider we can't properly parade our mas because ignorant folk think they have the right to jump in and get on like it's a free for all. But, I'm not going there in this post. This is about the mas. The costume are coming out folks, let's shift focus to that. 
What are your expectations for costumes this year? Are you excited about the themes, starting with Animation?
Animation has lots of potential, I can imagine design delights using materials other than feathers & jewels, and characters that would be so much fun to portray.
What are you expecting in a "it" costume for you? I've heard some say they are going to be looking for their most naked costume yet, but then others who want to get away from the skimpy bikini & beads and portray a more traditional mas. Many people choose based on the colour wheel ex: this year it's green. 
Is there something you've had your fill of, or do you have suggestions for what you'd like to see change in costumes?
What do you all think of how jeweled panties have all but replaced most waistbands at Trinidad Carnival? Are you down with tiaras instead of huge headpieces and cage bras as opposed to regular bras? Let's go Brazil all the way, bring on pasties and c string thongs?! 

Ready or not, here it comes Toronto Carnival 2015... 


de cocoa panyol said...

So excited about band launch season! Looking forward to your coverage!

Shakera Martin said...

I look forward to your posts this season Kara! Your perspective is appreciated.

As far as costumes go, I hope the belt doesn't become obsolete. Fingers crossed that Toronto designers haven't jumped head first into this "Monday Mas Everyday" phenomenon - lol; where everyone must wear a jeweled panty, wire bra, and tiara. There are many ladies who will need more options - including my self #FeathersPlease #Countdown2Carnival #CantWait

Jan said...

I agree with Shakera. I like the belts and I would be so disappointed if this becomes the norm. I look forward to you annual coverage of the band launches. Your blog is the only way I can monitor it from the states :) Thank you

Kryssy said...

You're so right. It seems like Caribana 2014 JUST finished. Now it's time for Caribana 2015 and all the excitement that comes along with it. I am all about a fantastic headpiece. The bigger the better. I honestly am not sure what I expect to see this year BUT I am hoping for some new color combinations and some innovation across the bands.

Kara Bana said...

Nice to hear from ya again de cocoa panyol, it's been awhile! Hope to see you this season...

Shakera, you are so right about the new designs like the jeweled panty, so much so that I edited my post to include that. Thanks!

Why would you not want to see belts gone away with Jan? Designers read this, so they'd like to hear feedback...

You & I share the love of big headpieces Kryssy, and as much as pared down headpieces and tiaras are the latest for mas, it's not quite mas for me unless I've got a crowning glory.
(Not to say there aren't some terrific tiaras, but the costume is complete with a full collar.)

Crying Wolf said...

I'm looking at seeing cosplay (which is inspired by video games, anime, movies, sci fi, horror, fantasy) and carnival meet with this theme. Knights usually has really good theme ideas and their costumes are pretty nice. I have high expectations for this one. I'm also looking for more color combinations since they are usually solids and more elaborate backpacks. As much as I love collars and shoulder pieces, it would be a surprise to see something new and different.

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