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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tribal Carnival band launch

Tribal Carnival launched Animation last night at the Armenian Centre in Scarborough.


 Triton's Treasures
So what do you think about the Animation costumes? Which ones will be hot sellers?
My favourite colour combo is Aurora.  Dexter and his team continue to design very pretty costumes. They often gave 4 options in a section, including four different headpieces. As always, the guys are fully costumed, not to mention feathered. I'm always impressed with Tribal Carnival's headpieces, this time especially Alien for being very well, alien like.
Several models really worked their costumes well, paused to pose, and looked like they were enjoying themselves. But, BIG SHOUT OUT TO the guy who really danced and entertained us to Ola
He gets my Model with the Most nod.  Applause smileys


Kryssy said...

So I'm here to give my unsolicited reviews. ;) Now the Tribal family is like my family BUT I'm going to be unbiased. Promise. ;)
My only real issue with this launch is actually not even costume-related. The models all looked amazing, (I wish I could steal the makeup artist and have her move to Texas), but models for 2 sections honestly looked unhappy to be there and they REALLY stood out. On the flip side, the veteran models ALWAYS kill it. They were engaging, smiling and a pleasure to watch.
Kara & Trini: you guys may need to repost the "what to do's" for the models of the rest of the launches to read. There's an art to modeling costumes and although it's probably scary being up there; to fully give a costume justice, they have to at least smile.

That being said... Tribal's costumes really impressed me. They stepped up to another level this year. Animation could go a ton of ways and I had no clue which direction they would go. One thing is for sure, there's a whole lot of pretty going on this year. The men's costumes looked complete and had great headpieces. This is definitely Tribal's year for amazing backpacks and tons of options from headpieces to body wear. That should make the masses happy.

My favorite sections were:
*Storm: Candice is going to design my wedding dress. I've decided. LOL. I'm been a fan of hers for years and I say it every year: she can do NO wrong. Don't debate me on this. LOL. P.s. The section lead model should be the blueprint for all Carnival costume models. She could sell a paper bag because she is so engaging and fun to watch. Really all of the models in this section were fun to watch.
*Alien v. Predator: this is a super sexy section and especially the body wear on the section lead. I think this section best reflected it's name. Spikes and all. Loved it.
*Triton's Treasures: the section leader costume was one of my favorites of the night. Really like the beadwork done on this section.
*Panamania: overall this was one of my top sections from the models to the costumes. The section leader backpack is just so different and I love it. When that costume came out I was like YES!!! (I'm also partial to red. LOL)
*Aurora: another of my top sections. There was something I liked about each of the costumes in this section. That section leader costume is beautiful. (Ok ONE biased comment. Lol)>> Celena is such a little diva and I love it. The color combination reminds me of Valentines Day and not in a bad way.
*Starfire: now I don't like purple and yellow together, (personal preference), BUT I loved watching the models in this section. Yes to the spider panty. When the lights hit the costumes in this section it was sparkle city and eye grabbing.
*Storm: the section leader costume is beautiful and the model was so fun to watch.

Overall... I'm happy to play with Tribal again and the best part of their launch is the excitement it brings since it officially kicks off the band launch season.
Now on to Saldenah's launch and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Designing Daryl's creativity (love him!), and the debut of Machel & Anya!

Kryssy said...

I totally goofed. I meant to type Frozen for Candice's section. Too many late nights ;)

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