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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Carnival Nationz On Broadway band launch

Carnival Nationz launched On Broadway at their new mas camp, 71 Dynamic Dr.
It's impressive how nice a mas camp can look with some curtains and lights.
They started off the show at 2:00 a.m. with a Phantom of the Opera number. Then they brought out all the people who won costume titles last year to take a bow. I thought that was a really nice way to showcase the folks who helped you clean up all the titles last year... very classy.
I was impressed the most with the first section, Roar. The animal printed body wear is great to see and is matched well with the teal beading. They brought out their impressive CNz style headpiece again, much to the delight of the crowd. This showpiece did have the most impact on stage. 


Model with the Most nod. This Beauty from Beautiful Beast walked the stage effectively, was confident doing so and posed at very corner. Plus it helps that those wings and headpiece are quite marvelous. 


Under the sea

 Glitz & Glamour




I also liked this beautiful bustle design in Phantom, including in mini version the backline. This section represented On Broadway well.




What are your favourites On Broadway? 


Kryssy said...

I have to start by saying kudos to Carnival Nationz. I was out and about last night, so I didn't see the live coverage. My opinions on the costumes is solely based on pics.
That being said, it was so nice to see sexy costumes/body wear that wasn't showing all the parts where the "sun doesn't shine."
The Phantom of the Opera section is FIRE! Love, love love the colors. I would wear ANY of the costumes in the section with the leopard print body wear. I've scrolled up and down the post and I loved majority of the sections. Nice job overall CNZ. Really impressed.

Crying Wolf said...

Wow Kryssy, we have such similar tastes that I don't have much to say! lol. Mine is the the same, The Phantom of the Opera is my favorite, along with Glitz and Glamor, and Cats!

Overall it's not bad, some look like Havana's costumes from last year just in different colors. But I don't have too much to complain about other than that. Pretty solid costumes otherwise.

Kryssy said...


Kara Bana said...

I never thought I'd see the day Nationz would launch & there would be virtually no discussion about it/the costumes. This is such a curiosity. If anyone can explain it, I'd really like to know!

Tammy Soulful said...

I'm playing with Nationz and I have to say I expected more with this theme. I had to go to mas camp to see the costumes in person to make up my mind which is a first seeing how this is my 6th year. I ended up going with the section I liked the least in pictures lol. Also, Nationz is known for their head pieces, the back line ones this year aren't as extravagant as previous years. The costumes are very nice in person but there could've been a bit more. A couple of them remind me too much of last year. Also, Cats, would be a great section if it weren't for the fact there's daisies or some kind of flowers in the details of the costume...I don't get it lol. Overall, great job but compared to previous efforts like Empires and Mythical Creatures, it's not of their most outstanding presentation. I guess that's why people are so quiet, with a theme like Broadway they were expecting just that. I don't think they "hit" the mark this time around.

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