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Friday, May 27, 2016

Come Play Ah Mas!

So we registered for our costumes on the long weekend! Very excited, and yes, I said we. Trini-in-Toronto is back to play ah mas!

We spoke with Kimberly DeFreitas and Kris Robinson, section leader & designer of The Serengeti, who had someone model the wire thong for Trini-in-Toronto to get pictures of.








And our section, Jackals! Saldenah designs were strong yet again this year, it was easy to have my eye on a few. But when I saw what Ronnie & Samantha designed back stage at the launch, I said something like "Are you kidding me??" Wonderfully wowed and thrilled about the possibility of playing in mauve! I like all the costume versions in African Golden Jackal, and spent a lot of time deciding which one I'd choose. Besides the crucial fact that Saldenah is going down #2, Trini-in-Toronto also said that is the costume that will get him back playing mas. No wonder it's sold out (the male mid-line option). Deciding on this section was a no brainer really since the vibes were sweet on the road with Fever Mas last year. Trini-in-Toronto's all time best costume was with Ronnie & Samantha in 2010. My favourite colours together, Trini-in-Toronto gets to be a jackal = Carnival anticipation once again!


naamante said...

Can you make your own costumes and still be in the parade?

Kara Bana said...

naamante, technically, no, you need to register with a band and wear their costume. Mas bands compete, go through judging, it's a competition. You could I suppose follow after bands &/or be on the sidelines wearing a costume, which is better than storming (non costumed people breaching the fences).

Crying Wolf said...

Naamante, you can also build yourself a costume if you join the band "Build a Mas." They are a band in which you learn to make and build your own costume at a cost and can wear it on Caribana day and play mas. Look them up on Facebook.

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