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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Toronto Revellers band launch LOST: Secrets of the Amazon

Amazonian creatures, jewels and feathers, oh my!
The Toronto Revellers presentation LOST: Secrets of the Amazon was held at a new venue, York Mills Gallery. This was a nice change in venue, and the large horseshoe shaped stage allowed for multiple viewing points for the audience. Models spent plenty of time walking to both sides and posing, something we definitely appreciate. Revellers put on a fun show for their 10th year in Toronto Carnival, surprising us with an opener of exotic animals, and completing the night with strong, creative costumes.


He's perfectly calm. 
The photographers though? Not so much. 🙈 😉


A first for a Toronto Carnival band launch - a cute kinkajou.

Gimme my snack!


El Tunsai  


The Macaw




Blue Morpho


Beautiful butterfly bra.  
Impressed with the way the wings move so effortlessly.



Aren't these feathered back headbands simply fabulous?  👌


Big Cats



We are both drawn to the wavy pattern on these wings and capes. Imagine how sensational it will be on the road. 






Feathers and jeweled headband together - you can have it all.  
I like the total look it gives here with that one shoulder piece.


The high neck top and one piece are so pretty, pretty. 


Spangled Continga


This headpiece!!!! Absolutely LOVE it!  😍 The bra is a beauty too.


Unknown said...

The costumes are very pretty but one thing that came out to me was that the green and brown or beige, the long foot peice looks exactly like the one from another band last year. Do people not have the imagination to atleast try and change it up? Come on we arent dumb.

ksean said...

You can also tell which designers made costumes from (The Torch) last year. They used the same colors and ideas from last year..... "YAWN"

Anonymous said...

Toronto Revellers really know how to put on a show, I love that they started the launch with an animal presentation! They are also usually the go-to band for themed costumes and it's pretty sad to see them forgoing what they are good at and just going with the flow of what's popular these days. Although I see nothing wrong with that, eventually you have to do what can help you win. I just hope every other year they try their more themed costumes. But anyway, trends aside...well that's hard to ignore as the dreaded Macaw costume strikes again! I hope the bands don't bring anymore parrot costumes next year lol. My favorite is definitely Venom (it just looks almost metallic when it isn't) and the pink back pack.

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