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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Carnival Nationz the Nest band launch

With no sneak peeks released, only the theme to go by, there is always a lot of talk about what Carnival Nationz presentations are going to be like. I knew to expect the customary strong Nationz headpieces, and wings, wings and more wings. I think it's quite safe to say the crowd was happy with the pretty birds presented to them. Like other big bands, CNz is in tune with what their masqueraders want, and that is lots of feathers whether on headpieces, collars, backpacks or wings. For an hour and a half we saw jeweled, feathered, winged beauties in a variety of pretty colours.
Oh, and it was nice to see the launch back at their mas camp, and the start time of 1:00 was good.

 Australian King Macaw
Australian King Macaw
Australian King Macaw


Bird of Paradise

Great job on many bras this year, including this one, my favourite, together with that neck piece. 



One of many uniquely designed one pieces.  


 Banksian Red Tail Black Cockatoo


Nyasa Lovebird

I like how some costumes have different coloured and/or patterned front and back bottoms, like here.


Another favourite, what a beautifully made suit. 



 A popular colour combo we've seen a lot, but what's different to me here is the headpiece. I'm noticing in the last several years that designers aren't always going massive with everything. Sometimes when the costume has wings or a collar, headpieces aren't vertical. 




 White Peacock





 Scarlet Macaw


 Pyrrhula Finch

The loudest cheers of the night came for these layered wings. They are a winner from not only the colours, but how they moved so easily.  
 These are my favourite wings, which aren't even feathered. 

 Brazilian Canary

How does that not hurt??


 Jewel Of Serengeti


The one pieces are on fire this year, another favourite! Love the pattern, black shimmery coil that reminds me of a snake, and the colour mix. 



My second favourite wings, in all costumes, everything about these Hummingbirds was a win.  I think a lot of people also adore iridescent purple & teal together judging from the response.


 Rainbow Lorikeet  


Another non feathered wings win. 


Mrs Scott said...

This was a great presentation from CNZ. Definitely knew they would kill this theme because let's face it feathers and wings are their thing. My fav is "Birds of Paradise" (the one with the sexy monokini). I also love 'Hummingbird" (the purple, blue and green). These costumes will look great on the road especially if CNZ gets the numbers they always do. It was also nice to see a plus size model :)

This has definitely been a great band launch season, I am happy to see options. Options not just for the ones that want to cover up but options for those of us who want to show a bit more but also get great bra support. :) Looking forward to the festival season this year. Now all we have to do is to wait to hear about the parade and how things will change considering there has to be new sponsors etc.

Epical Maggie said...

Carnival Nationz is like the Jefree Star lipstick of the Carnival world. They will sell out fast and are going to be expensive. I like how they went the Fantasy Trinidad route (Butterflies) with some of their costumes and it seems to work out nicely here. One thing that kept me away from Nationz over the years was their body wear, I always felt it wasn't flattering for my body type. But I think they pulled it together this year and it's seamless! I really do like it but since I've done birds before I'll have to pass. My favorites though is definitely the Hummingbird, Black Cockatoo?, that other purple and black one, and the pink and black one. I think they nailed it though.

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