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Saturday, April 30, 2016

IslandVybz Mas GENÈSE band launch

New band IslandVybz Mas launched GENÈSE "a new beginning" at the Warehouse.
I was really looking forward to this launch, and that it was held in my neck of the woods is a very welcome change. Flipo started off the presentation at 1:15 with a few tunes. Then the costumes, and wow, they did not disappoint! From the first section to the last, Island Vybes came strong!
Preedy performed at the finale. 


😍 Love all in this section, especially how the bustier is designed. This is something you can definitely wear after. Feminine yet naughty, very done well.

 Unfortunately this is where my battery died which really sucks because the remaining costumes in this section were gorgeous. 😭



 The light shimmery fringe in these costumes is perfect for mas, I like the softness it creates. 👏



This high impact one piece with those gold chains is a favourite, and hello headpiece! - a very Vegas-y showgirl vibe.😘


 Fruits of Desire


Fallen Angel




Check the way the gold chain dances on their arms. I like seeing that kind of thing in mas. 
Very pretty one piece.



Daryl has gone and done it, introduced the shibue* to Toronto mas! 🔥We knew it was coming people. Although it's with a cape here, because you have to ease the public into it. This costume just oozes sensuality. Yet paired with the cape, rhinestoned top, which is gorgeous, & dripping beads, it give the illusion of a monokini. So the overall look isn't a shocking naked one. Looking at it as a whole, he didn't blast Rio! at us, it's not what some may consider vulgar. Certainly worn by Ranae, it's simply stunning. What do you think?
(*Edited again: Ok, so it is a shibue, not a C thong. LOL! I thought for mas, it would be a C thong, which is designed differently for durability and doesn't have an adhesive like a thin shibue. So now we know!)


A beauty of a monokini and glamorous full body stocking bring the wow factor over the top in this section.



JeanneC said...

Re your question about the c-thong, I wouldn't trust the stormers (or over-imbibing parade participants) not to think it would be funny to grab it off of the wearer. Just my two cents worth....

Kryssy said...

This has been the band launch that impressed me the most this year. Their first year out & the quality is exceptional. I liked every single section. The white section, the section with the Tiffany blue/teal/blue & the section with the yellow/blue/green and the fringe? Easy favorites. I was truly blown away. The Mas King Designing Darryl's touches on here are phenomenal. That C thong is not for me with the stormer problem in Toronto. LOLOL. But I will say that doesn't feel vulgar or inappropriate in this presentation. Favorite launch this year.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

That is what you get when you pay Darryl his money. People notice your costumes. They have like 4 or 5 sections that would be "featured IT" sections in the average band. When a costume really catches your eye and makes you say "wow, that's different" its a good chance he designed it.

Epical Maggie said...

Another solid new band presentation, I have my worries with this one but I will set it aside because the costumes are exactly what I thought it would be. Beautiful and unique. I love the thong! Are you sure it's not a Shibue? If it's a Shibue I'd be worried about the heat and weight eventually pulling it down and falling off. If it's a C-thong my concerns are the same as everyone else, I would hate to see a raider go in there, snatch it off, and keep it as a sick souvenir (people really are that messed up). I hope she will have security and a back up plan (that's probably why it has wings lol). Heck, I'd wear that costume without the headpiece and belly dancer wings. My favorites are the brown one and pink one though. As for the red one...*side eye.* Good luck not only to this band, but to it's masqueraders as well. Since Daryl has a huge amount of sections in this band I think it will play out nicely.

Alana said...
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Alana said...

Fallen angel (brown) fruits of desire (red) Eve (black) and Bliss (blue) were all designed my IslandVybz very own band leader Godfrey Wickham

Serenity (blue and pink) illuminate (white) and paradise (pink and orange) designed by designing Darryl

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