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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sunlime ~Inagural~ band launch 2016 Tribes before Columbus

 Tonight, I saw another new band whose costumes didn't look anything like the work of a beginner. That is because these folks have been making mas and bringing out sections for years. These were some really pretty costumes, and they have a sizeble following already.

I wouldn't lie, I felt a bit of pressure at this launch because it's usually two of us taking pictures and I can rely on Karabana to get a shot if I miss it. 

I appreciated marching the models back out in an orderly fashion for a second go around. It gave me the chance to get some shots of earlier sections that were really blurry (while trying to figure out what camera settings I should use.)


JeanneC said...

Another great set of photos! Thank you for bringing this launch to those of us who weren't there in person.

Kryssy said...

I like the pink section the most. The minikin I from the green section is cute too. Nice to see male sections with more pieces that the basic ones we normally see every year.
This was at the same venue as Tribal's launch? Was the stage lower than theirs or the same height? I ask because it looks like you were able to get a lot better shots at this launch by shooting at/from a lower angle. Also the different lighting & the black background they have, made a world of difference as far as pic quality goes. Even looked better on videos that I saw on IG from various people. If people use this location, they should use this setup for sure.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Thanks ladies, Kryssy, the venue,lighting and stage was the same.Actually the lighting was a little less. But I got spot front and center using an external flash. And after some fumbling got a decent setting

Kryssy said...

I can see the difference. The black background certainly helped. It's not as glaring as the white.

Epical Maggie said...

Love seeing some solid new bands this year! And I agree Kryssy, it's so amazing to see more costume options for men because some of them out there would like to go big too! Th pink one is also my favorite and I like the backpack of the last green one since I love pheasant feathers.

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