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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Durham Mas band launch 2016, Festivals of Nations

Forget the flurries that hit today. Carnival is in the air, it's band launch season! Durham Mas kicked it off with their Festivals of Nations launch at the Markham Convention Centre.
Showtime started after 11:30.

This is the 2nd year for Durham mas, and Trini-in-Toronto says the launch didn't come off like some "small band" presentation. They were well organized, started at a reasonable hour, and they had some outstanding sections. The convention centre was a nice venue with good lighting. The launch was really well attended, its nice to see other band leaders in the crowd supporting each other.
Whoever was in charge of coaching their models did a fantastic job. Almost every section took their time, posed and displayed their costume while still dancing and having fun.

You can get registration & pricing info on their Website.

Running Of The Bulls 


Kudos to the designer for giving us colourful African inspired costumes. Big thumbs up for the headwear (above) and roped top (below). That's what we're talking about!!  Even the men's pants are well designed to the theme, certainly the right option instead of board shorts.


St. Patrick's Day "Trini Style"


I was pleased to see a "sari shoulder" on these, and silver Indian bells in the waistbands and pretty hair jewellery. The peach and royal blue look so striking together. The guys costume is also properly done. 


Gems of Spice Isle

Mardi Gras

I like how both costumes are designed in Mardi Gras. The mirrored silver is different and works well with the blue and yellow.

 Festival of Lights

 Day of the Dead

Bound to be a popular section with all that hot pink with naughty black. Several options to choose from, including a corset and monokini. Dead never looked so sexy!
When you portray a Day of the Dead character, your makeup, which was done so fantastically here by Nikki D, can't be an afterthought.


Mrs Scott said...

Kudos to Durham mass bands. Really great presentation. I am love the "running of the Bulls" section (red&blue). That will be a best seller for sure.

Epical Maggie said...

Very solid costumes, I love the Gems of the Spice Isle section and the Day of the Dead section, because ZOMBIES!!!! Yas.

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