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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saldenah Outta Africa band launch 2016

Last night Saldenah launched their 2016 presentation Outta Africa. The launch was held at the Markham Convention Centre again and they started at a very reasonable midnight (thanks, Louis).
Security was better organized this year, preventing the long line ups that occurred last year.  
I think you can figure out the total hours we've been working on this post, and we do it because we know you love mas as much as we do. This could very well be the most photos we've ever posted. Feel free to share.

Festival of the Thembu Warriors



The presentation was very well done, and my predominant thought was there is so much pretty!!  
Designers gave some always popular colour combos, but also mixed it up with copper and soft gold.

The male costumes definitely portray the theme well with the use of African inspired fabrics and strongly constructed headpieces. It looks like the men's costumes were given as much consideration as the women's, and it's encouraging to see that advancement. The guys look like they belong, they are well matched to the ladies in their section, so big thumbs up for that achievement.

Sunset over the Savannah 


Lac Rose


BIG cheers came for this costume. You couldn't look away from those "garters" and the lingerie looking monokini. Extremely sexy.

 Sahara Dust



The Jeweled Peacock

Victoria Falls of Zambia


 The Serengeti


When it comes to the theme, I felt the costumes that had obvious African elements were Nefertiti, Ashanti, and Sahara. The sections that represent their name in the literal sense are Lac Rose, The Nakuru Flamingo, The Jeweled Peacock, Sunset over the Savannah, Festival of the Thembu Warriors, Victoria Falls of Zambia, Sahara, and The Serengeti. 


When Nefertiti appeared on stage, there was a collective Ooooh from the crowd. 
The almost iridescent cape flowed easily & beautifully with rhinestones that caught the light. 
I love both headpieces a lot, they are appropriately designed for the section.

 Love Birds of the Congo

 Speaking of headpieces, they covered it all in this presentation. Masqueraders (like me) still love their big feathers, but there are smaller versions, or hair jewellery. Not only with costumes within a section, but with headpieces too there are many choices. The Sahara frontline has a dream headpiece. Ashanti's frontline headpiece moved so effortlessly. Fantastic job on that. It would be a difficult decision which Nefertiti headpiece to choose, both are very fitting. 
Oh, and it's saying a lot for proper design & construction that no one needed to hold up their headpiece.




When it comes to favourites, there were too many sections and costumes within a section that I couldn't decide which I preferred more. For example, the above suit, designed to look like a two piece, is unique. I like the pattern a lot used here as well.
Standouts for me included the Ashanti monokini and patterned backpack; Festival of the Thembu Warriors leg wear; African Golden Jackal's purple monokini; Yemaya's soft blue; the Lac Rose monokini; everything about The Serengeti frontline; and every Nefertiti costume.


African Golden Jackal


The purple and red together here is eye popping. I also thought the golden & purple was pretty together in African Dreams. The lime really pops in Ashanti, it's a great choice with white. If you can't manage a solid white costume, this option will work wonderfully.   

 African Dreams


 The Nakuru Flamingo



We must also shout out to the models, who worked very hard & presented the mas extremely well, with enthusiasm.
Saldenah's site is up in record time. Registration soon to come.


Mrs Scott said...

Wow.... Wow and Wow... The launches are really looking nice. I love Saldenah's presentation, the sections really matched the theme. My fav section is Nefertiti, that section matches its name to perfection. Definitely will be a best seller. Can't wait to see what CNZ will do.

Crying Wolf said...

They are all gorgeous, but I'm not "feeling it" although the theme is well presented. Maybe its just the theme that's not connecting with me because it's tired and has been done so many times. Along with birds, "Caribbean" anything, and the retelling of time/history of life. But I digress and that's why I just look straight at the costumes instead of the themes presented. I still do have my favorites! Nefertiti, Ashanti, African Dreams, and Festival of the Thembu Warriors.

Crying Wolf said...

OH, and Sahara was my absolute favorite!

Kara Bana said...

I know what you mean about certain popular themes being done among the bands. Saldenah chose names based on places or things in Africa, & like I said in my post, those sections did represent those things like the Sahara, flamingo, peacock, pink lake, and waterfalls. If people are disappointed bc they were expecting African fabric or even animal prints, well, that's been done before, & designers obviously chose to not go that route.
I think Saldenah kept it pretty bc they know what their masqueraders want.

Kryssy said...

I really like this launch. The Nefertiti Section lead was my favorite. It has such a presence with the cape. The headpiece fits that costume but I love some feathers. Lol. The Buri section is my favorite followed closely by Jeweled Peacock, and Victoria Falls, but I genuinely liked most of the sections.

Unknown said...

So far it seems like Saldenah sold me this year. The sections potray there tittles . It's definitely a difficult choice + they offer a good variety to choose from. I'm in love with the serengeti costume, it was glowing!!

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