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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting ready...

I get my costume tonight! I'm excited and also a bit nervous, as always, hoping: #1 the headpiece STAYS ON. My #2 concern is that the bra is the correct size. When you're not getting a real bra, that's a worry. I hope my anxiousness is for nothing!

I've had fun finding some great buys in jewellery, nail polish & eye shadow in the costume colours. I spotted the bangle and ring for $1 ea. at a little shop in Washington, and the rhinestone stretch ring at Deb for $1. The nail polish duo and l'il stars at Honest Ed's were $1.49, and the eye shadows ($1) and false eye lashes w gems ($2) at Designer fragrance depot.
I came across these great fitting fishnets at Honest Ed's for $1.99, so I got several pairs.

My soft & comfy boots I found at Ali Baba at the beginning of June for $27. They're cute enough that I'll wear 'em in the winter & probably for mas again.

I think I'll gemify my cute water bottle ($1).

So, if you picked up your costume, what do you think? - any issues, praise and/or comments about the experience?


Trini-K said...

LOVE your blog! I live in Texas (by way of Trinidad) & have been following your blog for the last few months to be in the 'know' for Caribana. I'm flying in on Friday & playing w/Tribal Knights' Lost Treasure section- I won't be able to see my costume until then so I share your anxiety. :)
I'm guessing you're playing with Wicked right? Green & black? Maybe? LOL
Anyway, thanks for writing such a great blog & have a great Caribana 2011!

Trudy said...

Great stuff Kara! Did I miss a post of what costume you got? I ♥ that shade of green! Can't wait to see your pics - have fun for all of us.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Tini k it turns out we are in the same boat. Our costumes won't be ready till Friday. It better go smoothly, because they won't like karabana if they make her angry.

Trini-k said...

Oh no! At least you can try yours & maybe make changes. I land at 11:30 pm so mine will be worn regardless of problems. Lol

yeayeabe said...

I picked up my costume this week, I am playing with Toronto Revellers in the Yellow Brick Road so costume pick up was Tuesday. I went kind of early (around 7:00 pm) and I was out of there within half an hour. The section leader was very quick to serve me and she was sizing ever ones waistband before attaching the velcro. The costume is exactly as displayed so there were no surprises, which was nice. So far so good with the head piece staying on, Saturday will be the test.

Only thing is the bra is a little too big and I ordered boy shorts but received bicycle shorts (well surprise I guess!!)

Karabana aka Toronto Caribbean Carnival said...

Thanks very much Trini-K & good guess ;-) & Trudy thanks & nope ;-) . Very unfortunately, our costumes weren't ready Wed. night as advertised, & T-i-T drove to get mine from Brampton to Scarborough, as we didn't know it wasn't ready, grrrr.... So now it's a Friday after noon pickup & it better FIT PERFECTLY!! I won't have time for any last minute fix up's.

Trini-K said...

VERY disappointed in Tribal Knights. :(
My cousin went to pick up our costumes & out of 3 of us, ALL THREE costumes were wrong. I ordered a 1-piece & instead got a tankini that BARELY fits...& I DO MEAN BARELY. I put on my headpiece & the elastic band popped off so I'll have to get it fixed at the parade and my belt is too big & a row of pearls broke.
I'm gonna have a positive outlook & not let it ruin my overall experience of being in the parade & with my family...but if I'm ever a part of Caribana again, it will NOT be with TK. I hope your costume experience was better than mine. Enjoy playing mas today! :)

Karabana aka Toronto Caribbean Carnival said...

Oh no Trini-K, :( I hope the road was good for you & your family!

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