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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pics from Launch of Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2011 (Caribana)

If you missed the launch today, these are some of the pictures we took. The ceremony was moved to City Hall, so it started pretty much on time and ended exactly at 2pm. We were treated to the steel pan sounds of Silhouettes and then we heard some speeches from the politicians and some sponsors. We also took in some calypso performances and saw some costumed models from various bands.  
 A few of our largest bands were noticeably absent again this year. I don't know if this is because they are sold out or almost sold out and don't need the exposure, or if there are other reasons..... I get boof for repeating rumors so I'll leave it at that.
I'm not sure if its because I've been to a few of these now, or because I was completely sober, but I think the ceremony wasn't as "hype" as I remember it being a couple years ago. It had all the ingredients: beautiful weather, costumes and models, steelpan, food, calypso & soca.... but something missing. Maybe they need a comedic MC or something.


This is a few CAG supporters voicing their support for their group. During the ceremony, they lined up in front the stage and held up their signs. The cops talked to them and they moved after the speeches without incident. It wasn't an ugly situation, I didn't see hatred between the two camps or anything like that. We are in Canada, and they have the right to protest; I do however question the intelligence of attacking the sponsors who have nothing to do with the running of the FMC. Eventually, if you guys kiss and make up, you are going to have to work with them and you will be sorry that your supporters held up a sign asking if Scotiabank is a corporate thief.

In the spirit of striving for excellence, and if somebody in charge of the launch is reading this, some of the bandleaders and models weren't too happy about changing into costumes in a tent with no door or a public restroom. They could understand if this was at Dundas Square, but it is City Hall. There must be a conference room, meeting room or some kind of room that they could have had access to.

Next stop Junior Carnival at Yorkgate Mall this Saturday at 11am. BE THERE, its free and its FUN.

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Lesley said...

I was there yesterday, it was hot as hell and I was in the shade by the building and I couldn't hear, the speakers weren't as loud. Whatever band that was singing on stage were terrible. And yes you are RIGHT, this year had no hype or vibe to it, I wanted to leave when it was 1:15.
I saw the protesters, good for them but I hope they don't really cause some delay or trouble at another events.

by the way, I don't know if you mention it already and I missed it. You guys made a choice which band you playing in?

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