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Monday, July 04, 2011

You know you're in Washington when...

the fete is in a historical building!
We've been on vacation! Trini-in-Toronto and I decided to combine two of our favourite things, travel and carnival. So to start our vacation, we decided to check out Washington DC Carnival.
To kick it off, we went to see Kes at Live in the City. We conveniently purchased our $55 drinks included tickets online (dccarnival.com). This party was advertised to be held at the Historical Society of Washington building, as was printed on our tickets. So we found our way, and snagged free parking very close to it on K St., only to find a very dark, quiet, and indeed historic building with zero activity. Closed! Luckily we found a number for the promoter and were told it had changed to the nearby Andrew M. Mellon Auditorium. Also free street parking on Constitution Ave! In Toronto, finding parking close to a downtown venue on a Friday night is pure luck, but free?! Score, Washington!
Ooh, it's gonna be good...

I must say, I appreciated attending a fete at this type of venue, the high ceilings and ample space in the auditorium created a comfortable atmosphere. It's a relief to be able to party in an un-crammed area that's not a sweatbox. Score, Washington!

We didn't see the Johnnie Walker Green room, but the Courvoisier Rose table was front & centre. Yum! Top shelf drinks were plentiful, there were no long lines, and bartenders were professional.
As for Kes, they put on the usual great show, with the recent band dancers adding to it. Oh, and Kees, niiiiiiice Reggae mon! (put me in the mood for Jamaica, where we just returned from today.)

What was missing was a corn soup man outside the fete. Or even a place open nearby you can grab a late snack. I can't give you a score Washington for that. Overall though, a terrific party, good vibes from the "big people" crowd, and we certainly liked that drinks were included. I'd happily go to Live in the City again.
Cheers to you Kes

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Trini-in-Toronto said...

The only thing I wanted to add was, if they are going to supply Johnnie black, I would have have liked to see at least some grace coconut water in a can. They had me chasing with ginger ale. Other than that, I agree, we could certainly hit another fete put on by these guys.

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