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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visiting a mas camp - TruDYNASTY

Speak Easy

It's not too late to find a great costume for the parade in 11 days! I checked out TruDYNASY's mas camp, and band leader Thea Jackson said they have many costumes available. 3 sections are almost sold out though: Show Girls, Flappers and Coco Chanel.

If you want to play in Josehine Baker section, but don't want to wear the body paint or the wire bra, you can bring in a bra to be decorated.

All that Jazz


Match Girls

Jackson told me as part of the band's initiative to give back to the community, teens at a local youth detention centre are helping make some costumes. A portion of funds from each costume will also go to 8 different charities. Playing mas can be expensive, and for those who can't afford a costume, the band is making costumes available on a what you can donate basis.

Show Girls


Coco Chanel

TruDYNASY's mas camp is at 246 Brockport Drive, Unit 29 in Etobicoke.

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Soca-Train said...

The charity idea is a good thing and all but my experience with Trudynasty last year was so horrifying so definitely not playing with them again :(

Imagine showing up to a mas camp the day before Caribana and your costume is NOT ready (OR HASN'T EVEN BEEN STARTED!!!) Then you are forced to wait for close to 8 hours (in the hot/cramped/crowded mas camp) (because you took the public transit from Ajax to the west end) and couldn't go and come back :(

THEN when you finally receive your costume (12:30am), you and your other 2 friends who are in the same section as you have costumes that are completely different... Even worse you pay for the front line and you don't get it.

I hope TruDynasty has gotten their act together this year. They ruined Caribana for many ladies last year and being at the back of the parade didn't really help much either - Many ladies who i met in the line up were from out of town and never played mas before ... I'm sure they got scared off..

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