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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pictures from the road


Here are some pictures from yesterday, more to come in a post later. Hope everyone enjoyed Caribana Carnival 2011, looking forward to posting our experiences and hearing yours. 

 See you in Hamilton next week!


Tru said...

Graet pics, I expecially like the last one. I hope you had a fab time.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time playin Mas this year with my friends and family. We played with Tribal Knights One Love section, the section leaders where great (thank you Ms.chan). costumes were on time and no issues with my costumes. Wish there was more water on de road but I had a great time anyways.

Sad that once the parade was done some jack ass had to shot people. I hope the other two people live and all the families will heal.

To the jack ass R.I.P, my prays go out to your family.

To the young lady and man that were shot, I'm so sorry and my prays go out to your families.

Trini-k said...

Well guys.... Tribal Knights was a disorganized mess. LOL. When I showed up to the parade, my section leader (Natalie) was no where to be found. My dad safety-pinned my headpiece strap back on & thank God that he did because I wouldn't have been able to wear it otherwise. There were 3 other women in my Lost Treasures section that had either no costume, or theirs was not wearable because it was too small. They ended up on the truck for the entire parade & not in our section. I actually approached the Section Leader for Dreamcatchers because they were fixing costumes for their section & I asked if they could just put two staples in my headpiece & they shooed me away. The exact comment was (we only have 5 staples left) Unbelievable! LOL. My section leader did not show up until we were lined up & headed out on the route...& she determined that the few of us that found our way to each other were located in the wrong place in the band & moved us to the back. (We ended up moving two more times. Lol) The food... My cousin & I took 1 look & decided to pass. Water- once we found the water van, was hot. LOL. The band seemed to really only care about us (& I use that term lightly) until we crossed judging. After that, the only time I saw my section leader again was when she drove by us in an air conditioned truck. LOL. We made the best of the situation & never complained... Our family was out on the route with tons of food & drink... So we checked in with them & met up with some friends & walked down the parade route. You guys were right about the stormers.... TK offered 0 security & so once we passed the judging there were people everywhere. It wasn't horrible but I wondered why I had bought my costume when I could've just hopped in the parade for free. LOL. A funny side note was that this girl had an individual costume on the parade route & she was angry at the people storming the route...so she kept whipping the costume around and hitting people with it- pushing people out the way...it was madness! LOL. Overall, my Caribana experience was mediocre...the time I spent with my family was a million times better than being a part of Tribal Knights. I may play mas again, but def. Not with them. Hope you guys had a great time! :)

LushKizzez85 said...

Wow Wow Wow, in regards to the above comment. I'm sorry to hear that. I played with TK last year and we had a great time. Our section leader was Candice and she was really friendly and our costumes were ready on time! Next time, play in her section. The costumes are always gorgeous too!

I had an amazing time playing with Saldenah...I'm guessing it's because we came down the road 2nd, lol....but I loved our section (Cosmic Bliss), and Heather our section leader was really nice! I do however, and I stress this with the bands I played with before, ya'll need to organize the food distribution alot better. Twice I had to crowd myself looking like a homeless person strenching my hand to get food. There should be more areas or trucks to go to for food and faster people preparing it.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with you on the food and water part for TK. I was looking for water and no one could tell me where to get some. My section leader Trisha for One Love was great and had pins on hand to fix my belt. I will be playin with her again for sure next year.

Many of my of family and friends played with different bands (Carnival Nations and Saldenah and Toronto revellers) and they were waiting for over 5 hours to get their costume.Things like this happen each year and all you can do is hope for the best. If you have a good section leader and you get your costume on time stay with that person because you know how the service will be each year after that.

Good luck with whoever you play with next year and see you on de road.

Lesley said...

I must say since the name change this year have been jinx for Caribana & also the postal strike too. I must have heard about at least 10 different drama story from mas camps. One that I still can't believe up to now( I won't name-name, cuz don't know if it true or not) One mas camp called most frontliners on Caribana Friday to come get the refund cuz the supplies or costume were not provided or ready. Just imagine that, if I got that call, I'll be cussing until next year.

My Caribana was okay. the loop they created was a wasted of time and the waiting period to pass the stage was ridiculous. *sighs*
and the stormers it not worth my talk this evening. Revellers' security "TRY" their best, just need more training and more confidence to do it from what I saw.

With my costume, yes I got it late (1am- 1st time I ever got my costume late) but they were lucky I lived closed by for me not to wait around and plus they were 1st time section leaders too. I don't have the energy to be mad or stress out about it. That was you call Mas Camp Life, LOL! I was patience with them and they were very apologetic about it. At the end my costume was the last one they work on, they cheered that it got done and felt proud they accomplished their section. And I was looking HOT that day, :D so thank you Wicked Revellers Section leaders!

Among other things that happens on the road, it will always be that same ol' story. Hope 2012 will be better this year.

Karabana said...

Oh man, I know what you mean LushKizzez85 about feeling like you're beggin for food! Been there. And come on, that shouldn't be the way they serve food, all masqueraders should get food, and servers, don't look surprised by the crowd, be quick, have an assembly line going, or have it already packaged! Steups!

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