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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's in a name?

This year it's Scotiabank Caribana. Ok, that I can deal with, at least they kept the name, but remember Toronto Caribbean Carnival in 2006? Steupsing could be heard far & wide over that one. What controversy the festival had that year! Government audit. Criminal investigation. Alleged fraud. Misappropriation of funds. You mix ill gotten supplies from the third world with shady promoters, and man, the glitter & sequins went flying! Put down that glue gun! (ok, so not that last part... but it just started to sound like mafia not mas makers.)
Whatever sponsors want to rename it the year they are paying (putting it on), it'll always be Caribana to me & most people. Check out the video, thanks Buublenut, I finally got around to posting it, I know, I haven't been posting.http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_21916.aspx
Also in Caribana news, I'm pleased to see Mervyn Skeete's Toronto Caribbean Connection's 2007 costumes in the Keshia Chanté There's No Place Like This - Ontario tv ad!


I do like the style of these ads, & to see Caribana costumes promoting summer in Toronto makes this one even more appealing. It's reminding me of the billboard I saw near our home in April of last year - I got tingles, & it would get me pumped & ready every time I'd drive by.
This is Living! http://mocagyrl.blog.com/2007/4/

Monday, May 26, 2008


Ahoy, me hearty!

I'm LOVING this one!!!!!!!!!

Carnival Nationz launched their much awaited '08 theme Pirates. I imagine the pressure was on for CN to make a come back this year, to bring out their Caribana forward designs once again, & recapture Band of the Year. I know from playing mas for 9 years that theme is really an after thought for masqueraders, but certainly not for designers or judges. Perhaps that has started to change though. Maybe masqueraders now want to be able to see the theme in their costume. No doubt that is Trinidad's influence, where top bands tease masqueraders months in advance with rumours of a sensational theme that will provide them with sexy hott costumes. I don't blame people for wanting the theme to be depicted in their expensive costume, after all, you should get what you paid for. Costume prices have increased, but has the quality? Has the service improved? Will the on the road experience be stepped up a notch?
All things to keep in mind as some Caribana bands offer an all inclusive experience along the lines of Carnival.

"Gold Ariel" Really reminding me of Ariel.
I do like the wrap waist band with coins & sunburst bra.

Fierce Pirate look with the red booty cape & boots. Garter belt adds naughtiness to it.

Shiver me timbers!
Was instantly drawn to this one, the colour mix works so well. Never mind that it doesn't especially say "Pirate!" - it's sensational!

Liking this furry bra & waist band, & the headpiece is fantastic. Native Pirate vibe.

Looking very warrior to me from the 3 "spiked" headpiece to the warrior waist band with "curtain" tassels.

This one strewn with gold coins represents the theme well. Puffy purple headpiece is different.

Decisions, decisions...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blazin Hott!

It’s coming on (my) fete season, so I want, no, I need to send a plea to all dj’s out there now, if it will do any good.I know at fetes and at Caribana we always hear the usual suspects - Machel, Bunji, Destra, Shurwayne, Maximus, Faye-Ann... & I have nothing against these Soca superstars at all, they have some of the best tunes. But there's other artists who put out some barely heard tunes that deserve some air time. A Caribana/Carnival pet peeve I have is how often we hear the road march and other similar jump up songs over & over & over, when there's so many more firey songs that are waiting to be played.

Please, please, PLEASE Mr. Dj, can you kindly break out of your (limited) play list box & play some other Soca tunes at fetes, not to mention on the road?

Here's my HOTT Soca picks for Caribana2kGreat:

1. Zooky - Lift Your Leg Up

2. Turn it Around – Umi Marcano

3. Admire You – Mr. Slaughter

4. Oh - Trinity

5. Destra Garcia - Wine It

6. Brick & Lace - Love is Wicked

7. Right Dey – KES the Band

8. High - Destra Garcia

9. Wukking Up and Thunder Waist - Patrice Roberts

10. Rollin - Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano

I caaaaaan wait to wine to these, so dj's, don't let me down!

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