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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Saldenah 2013 band launch Heaven & Earth (The Stage)

Last night was the 2013 band Launch for Heaven & Earth.

There were 16 sections and many beautiful costumes. Saldenah masqueraders will be very happy.

The presentation thankfully started before 1 am and they spent a solid hour on stage. We appreciated that they didn't rush through showing the costumes, they took their time. Most of the models looked like they enjoyed themselves.

This truly massive creation closed the show. It's quite delicate and might need its own security detail for the road. Princess of the Gates are certainly spectacular looking mas, very impressive. The model often held the headpiece, she probably wasn't sure it was securely balancing in place.
Angel of Beauty
Heaven's Bliss

I'm wowed by Angel of Beauty's devlish angel for being bold, giving us a different look in a costume. Great moving wings, sexy cut out leg and arm wear and gold chains falling from the bejeweled choker.
My favourite colour combo is Heaven's Bliss, the coral & teal together is so stunning. Soft pretty heart shaped wings.
Water Spirit

 Fallen Angel
I like all the options in Fallen Angel, and the models wore them very well.
 Tidal Wave


Eternity's lavender and mauve are lovely with those rhinestones, crystals and tiaras. I prefer the medium size collar and the headpiece.
Volcanic Eruption


 Arch Angels

Autumn Spectacle

Sunset in Paradise

Sunset in Paradise's fun deep plum suit base with assorted beads jewels reminds me of a tropical fruit bowl, and then together with that frontline headpiece you've got a Carmen Miranda feel. I'm more drawn though to the backline with the fringe, and jeweled headband/crown.
Absolutely LOVE the suit in Rainforest, that fringe is perfect for playing mas, and it's another colour combination I really like. Nicely designed wrap around headpiece. Added bonus: it glows in the dark.
Spirit of the Earth

Ronny has designed another fun colourful section in Spirit of the Earth. Men are never an after thought, he gives their costume as much attention with head ware and masks. And as Trini-in-Toronto says, guys like weapons.
Aurora Borealis
Sunset in the Nile

Princess of the Gates

While there are some colour combination repeats that we've often seen, several sections were designed with at least one different element. Most sections displayed gave options in the suits and/or bras, and bottoms, and varying sizes in headpieces.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saldenah 2013 band launch

Here are some back stage shots of Saldenah's 2013 presentation Heaven & Earth, which launched tonight at the Kool Haus. 16 powerful sections to choose from. Mas  camp opens Saturday.

When we wake up, we will put up the stage shots. We took like 500 pics, so we have to narrow it down a bit.  



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