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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ahead of the game?

With no more than this logo, Tribal Knights first announced their 2009 Caribana theme on September 11th. I was immediately attracted to this theme, probably because there's been so much said about Trinidad Tribe's Birds of a Feather! With Tribe selling out in record time, indeed, the early bird catches the worm.

Letting the public know about next year just one month after Caribana sure keeps the interest alive - sound familiar? They are taking a shrewd cue from the hot Trinidad Carnival bands of course, who know to create hype all year round.

On October 9th, Toronto Revellers released their theme:
They stated Brazil Carnaval is the next logical choice for a presentation since Viva Las Vegas and Alkebu’lan won them Band of the Year.

There's lots of promise and pressure with this theme. I will be quite curious to see if their costumes are indeed portrayls of Carnaval costumes, which are in an exquisite class all of their own.

For me, colour & craftsmanship is key when chosing a costume. In 2009, I must be totally impressed with the entire costume, it has to deliver in all aspects. At this point in the game, I'm not interested in playing in anything less than spectacular!

So here it is, a cool fall heading into a cold winter, but because some bands have the business savvy to promote well in advance, things are feeling hot!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

KOBO Town you must take in this music

I know I don't normally do too many posts before Dr Jay's Doh cry ah leaving fete
But, I have been inspired to come out of hibernation to let you all know about this band whose music speaks to me.

You all have to check out this link http://www.kobotown.com/

This music sounds instantly familiar, yet fresh. Like nothing I have heard in the longest time. Its a fusion of classic Calypso, dub, roots reggae and a little latin flavor and some jazz for good measure. Its a true WORLD MUSIC.
Can you tell I REAL LIKE this band

On their website you can listen to the entire CD, its excellent music for entertaining friends.

And the lyrics...... yes, there are real lyrics and skillful musicians. they real good.

Check out this thought from the lead singer


Growing up in Diego Martin, Trinidad, my father finally gave in to my enending demands for some new running shoes and brought a pair home as a surprise gift. He decided to edit my request, however, and in a rare display of fiscal restraint purchased a local imitation instead of the expensive foreign brand that I had been agitating for. Although I would not openly spurn the generosity of a hot-tempered West Indian father, I was mortified. But the cause of my dismay was not merely the absence of the logo, which I unwittingly sought as a status-marker among my peers, but rather the presence of a tag which read: Made in Trinidad and Tobago. A quarter-century after Naipaul wrote btterly of the insatiable desire of Trinidadians for all things foreign, I sharted with everyone I knew the neccessary corollary to that desire -- the routine dismissal of all things produced by our own people in our own country. I thought my friends would laugh at my homegrown footwear and I was right. I shared with my friends and neighbours an insatiable appetite for all things foreign, and a routine dismissal of all things made by our people in our country. I thought my friends would laugh at me for my homegrown footwear, and I was right.For us, nothing made in Trinidad could have any worth, especially our culture. Little had changed since Naipaul's observation on the eve of Independence, and now, at the turn of a new century, it remains painfully clear that the forty-four year long experience of nationhood has not succeeded in instilling a sense of cultural self-worth in our people.The title of the album is intended to be hopeful and ironic at the same time: some of the songs on the album offer a critical look at the "independence experiment" (in T&T and abroad) and its various failures and betrayals, while all of the songs aim to celebrate the musical and artistic traditions formed over the long years of our turbulent history. Written out of an unconscious love for old time calypso and the nation and struggle that gave birth to it, this record is also driven by a desire to join those West Indian artists, activists and musicians who have recognized in their work that the wounds in our society run deep into our past, and that recovering a sense of cultural, national and spiritualal self-worth is a crucial first step in the path toward healing and renewal- Drew Gonsalves
Till next time stay cool, if you are in Toronto, try to stay warm

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caribfest in Barrie

Well yes,

Its official, an investment in a Caribana costume is absolutely the best value in terms of any carnival anywhere. What other carnival costume gives you 3 separate opportunities to play mas all within one hour drive of each other. For about $150 you get to play Mas in Toronto, Hamilton and now BARRIE ONTARIO!!!!

I know, I know, you are thinking to yourself, it have no trinis in Barrie?, well I don't know about all that, but Barrie carnival was a REAL!!! sweet Lime.
True, the parade was small, but this is only their 2nd year, and they did really well. The following bands took part in the parade:

Barrie Masqueraders
Carnival Nationz
Mervyn Skeets Toronto Caribbean Connection
Nip Davis

It was real nice, all these Barrie residents came out and lined the streets and clapped and took pictures and ting. I felt like a front line H.O. People stopping me to pose for pictures with them... really they wanted to pose with Karabana, but Barrie people are polite, so they took my picture too.
And the best thing is the parade ends right at Centennial park (the beach). Next year I walking with my towel for sure. Beautiful place, yuh limin on the beach, soca blasted, yuh smelling fry fish and curry and jerk and people just chillin.

This is my first trip to Barrie (a cool 45 minute drive from home). Barrie is a very nice place and I felt really welcome. Especially, the police were real cool, we are in the middle of the people downtown, they set up an area in the park with lots of vendors and food and a stage. They had a big beer tent and live bands are scheduled to perform until 10'oclock at night. It was a really nice atmosphere.
Do you think they let us party on the Lakeshore at 10pm in Toronto?..... I think not.

All I could say is, we have to support this event, the more masqueraders who make the trip, the better it will get. I'm not missing it next year at all.

I like fried fish a lot

Actually, I never realized that Barrie was so close and so nice, I'm thinking next time we are planning a beach lime, we will head to Barrie to take a swim and chill on a beach.

Till next time laters.

Friday, August 15, 2008


For another Caribbean parade also just one hour from TO, check out Barrie's Caribfest. This two day festival starts with the parade at 1:00, has rock, samba, reggae, calypso, steel pan and soca musicians who will be performing, including Moses Revolution, and on Sunday, a Caribbean Beach Party.
Toronto mas bands took part in Caribfest's first year (last year), and more should be participating this time.
The weather will be good, 26° & only 20% chance of rain ;-) so it should be a good time. I'd like to hear from anyone who goes.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Finally!!! Hamilton Mardis Gras pics

Hamilton Carnival 2008
I have to say that we had an outstanding time in Hamilton. It was real fun. They moved the staging area from City Hall. Luckily, downtown Hamilton is pretty small, so it was small ting we found it. It started a little late (I feel its because there was a big accident on the hwy that delayed people coming from Toronto… also, some folks probably went to city hall first. Once we started rolling, we had a really nice time. Carnival Nationz masqueraders were treated to an EXCEPTIONALLY well stocked drink truck :) VERY impressive and much appreciated.
Lets take a picture before we start it!

See how the feathers stood up well after the Caribana storm? Well done Janinne and Bryce.

He eat until he stomach upset, and I .............

The costume Karabana didn't play in from Tribal Knights

Model boy from the band launch & website

Pretty good shot eh?

She TOOOO sweet.

I really liked the smaller crowds, we saw plenty people that we missed at Caribana. Hence, we took a whole heap of pictures.

Look me in mih eye when ah wining

Aye, ~V~ reach

Bullion & Baubles Section leader Denise

If you don't know this guy, yuh still wet behind the ears in the Toronto fete scene.

She look like she was having sooo much fun


Another Blog reader Karabana met

Our Saldenah peeps

Ross, Karabana thanks you for the compliment

You see how most of the spectators stay on the side in Hamilton without barricades or security

Another Anon Blog reader.... definitely a front line H.O. Yuh bettah recognize!

Mih partner posing with yet another young lady

You have to love this man makeup man

They gave us this energy drink called Bullet... had many, featured in most of these pics, hah

We stopped in an internet cafe to use the facilities, and look what Karabana found...
Warrior chic

Mr and Mrs Bootsman

Michanon looking fabulous!!

Mervyn ... band leader of Toronto Caribbean Connection

The barman is a good man to know

Pirate Prisoner

The rain held off until we had pretty much finished the route, About 3pm it started to rain and it was pretty cold also. Instead of putting a damper on the party, I think it created a more lively atmosphere. Usually, when the band reaches Bay front park, revelers go into the park, the music trucks shut down and the park DJ takes over. People scatter around the park lining up for food and washrooms and nobody really paying attention to the music. Certainly, nobody is throwin waist like crazy at 4pm in the park.
Because of the heavy rain and mud, the music truck stayed outside the venue and just continued to play music and people gathered around the truck and were jumping up in the pouring rain. It was a really fun spontaneous vibes.
I think the vendors inside got hit really hard by the rain, I don’t imagine too many people made it into the park. Hopefully, later in the evening they made some money.

These are pics of people partying outside the park

See? men never get on so bad inside the park

After Karabana get bathe down in the rain

We met quite a few blog readers, and it was a pleasure to meet everyone.
True Hamilton is tiny compared to Caribana, but if you just have to measure masquerader enjoyment, I must say, I have as good a time in Hamilton as I do in Caribana. Some people tell me they even look forward to Hamilton more. It reminds me of a Monday Mas in Trinidad.
I guess this might be my last post for the season, so I just want to say thanks to everybody who checks in regularly and we wish you all prosperity and hope you stay safe and happy till next year.

Caribana 2010 slideshow

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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