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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carib2Kwine - recap

Another Caribana season has come & gone, you are just starting to go through what pictures you want to upload, and it's 15°. *Sigh*

Carib2Kwine lived up to it's name... the whining started early, when a Carnival Nationz section sold out at their launch, causing many admirers to vent they felt that practice was unfair. I personally wasn't wowed by Secret Garden at the launch. Denise alone modeled it, doing a very quick pass on stage. When I saw it close up on their website, and then on the road however, I could see the special details that the costume had.

There was a huge collective whine heard from Hamilton devotees when they realized their Carnival wasn't happening. I know I really missed Mardigras this year, it just wasn't the same without it. I just hope 2010 sees the return of Hamilton Carnival.

Then I had something to whine about on costume pick up day when I discovered the Tembu Warrior headpiece was downsized. I could then think of much better things I needed to do the day before the parade than watch for 1+ hour the male Crees of Canada costumes being glued together.

On the positive side, security seemed better this year, and we got to the end with Saldenah without any stormers. I know CNz had a fence for most of the route, but once they reached the gate, security dropped it, & stormers made their way in. I'm not sure about the effectiveness of that gate.

I was pleased with my costume, it held up well for our las lap 2 weeks later. Most all of my face gems stayed on this year, so I know they didn't last year because of the downpour (I used the same eyelash glue). This was my busiest year with the blog, with many new readers and lots of comments. Whether you found your way here from Trinidad Carnival Diary (thanks Saucy!), or Carib101 (big up Grant & Bryant), sometime before August 1, we past 30,000 hits!

So now that Caribana & (Barrie) Carnival are over, Karabanablogspot will be on hiatus until next season. Thanks everyone for reading, commenting & saying hi at the Caribana events.
In the meantime, be sure to check out fellow local bloggers De Cocoa Panyol and Nurse Karen who's blogs are about a mix of many things or about West Indian culture, including soca and Caribana.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our las lap - Caribfest!

Barrie's Caribfest was a true fun & friendly vibes carnival. It saw an increase in masqueraders this year, perhaps since Hamilton's Mardigras didn't happen. I'm glad the word got out, and I certainly hope it continues to attract more Toronto bands. I believe when you've gone once, you'll return.

Getting there should be easy, but being on a Saturday morning, you sit in bumper to bumper traffic with all the cottagers. It took us
hr. to finally get there, so by the time we reached the parade, it was 1:30. The (Caribana) competition was over and a cooperative spirit was felt as Saldenah & Carnival Nationz jumped up together since CNz had problems with their music truck. Trini-in-Toronto & I still got in more than an hour with the band(s) and it was such a wonderful time!

Caribfest has everything I want in a carnival - a manageable amount of masqueraders, the spectators that do jump in are respectable & in small numbers, a parade through the streets & downtown, and you wind up at a beach park. There you find food, a beer tent, entertainment, fair rides, artists & craft vendors, and the beach!! What's not to like?
Everyone plays mas in this family!


posing with the knives, hah hah very Warrior like
(this is going to be an annual picture lol!)

Two of my favourite things together! Carnival & chocolate!

So what did you think of Caribfest?

If you'd like your Caribfest pictures included in the slide show I'm going to display on the blog, email them to me: karabana01@yahoo.ca

Friday, August 14, 2009

Say no to copying

Due to a recent post being copied & sent as a message to a facebook group, it's time to explain plagiarism.
This is an independent blog. It's not affiliated with any organization or company. I write my posts in my own words, and contributor Trini-in-Toronto's posts are his words. When I do post an outside article, I link the source. By the way, even if you're taking information from "official" websites, you know you should be linking the source.

While Trini-in-Toronto may find it flattering that someone liked what he wrote enough to use it, the fact is, it was directly copied and sent as a message. Making it look as though the copier wrote it. Because they didn't name the source (the author), or provide a link to the blog. Yes, that's plagiarism, and it's extremely unprofessional. When this was brought to their attention, and they were asked to send a message linking the blog, they ignored it, and then sent another message copying from the post again. I can't see that blatant disregard as anything but mean spirited.

Just as other bloggers have posted my pictures (pictures I've taken) on their blogs, & they provide a link to karabana.blogspot.ca, the same is expected if you use any written work here. I know they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but truthfully, when I've read my opinions and comments practically word-for-word elsewhere, I do feel annoyed. I wonder why people can't form their own opinions? Has technology produced such laziness, that actually writing something yourself is unheard of?! There's too much copying & pasting going on.

So to spell it out for you: if you don't want to write your own thoughts, but use a post you've read here without asking, you MUST name karabana.blogspot.ca as the source and provide a link.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great news for Connections

Connections Gemstones

Connections band leader Mervyn Skeete is pleased with the news that from placing second in the "B" band category, Connections will be promoted to the "A" division for 2010. As a result of this, Connections would be no lower than the 8th position in the parade, and possibly earlier. Mervyn says that being lower that 8th (in the parade) had a direct effect on registration. He also commented that hopefully they will have better crowd control next year, (from being within the first 8 bands) which will permit masqueraders to better enjoy themselves.
As well, to all those unfortunate masqueraders whose band will not be going to Barrie's Caribfest, Mervyn says they are welcome to jump with us, not a problem.

Caribana 2010 slideshow

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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