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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

How was your on the road experience?

Firstly, I think I want to congratulate Carnival Nationz on re-capturing the band of the year title.

When we first arrived at the CNE we noticed a bunch of guys lined up with a lime-green construction fence, thinking it was revelers, we went over only to notice the In full bloom T-shirts. I'm sure the CNz masqueraders were happy to see that.

We played with Saldenah and had a good experience. We got onto the lakeshore about noon and were treated to a parade route that was almost free of non-masqueraders right up to the point where the lower barricades started to be used. It was a good time, everything ran smoothly, there was ample food and drinks and I didn't see any issues.

I think we have to big up the festival organizers for the strides that they made in crowd control this year. It wasn't until maybe 3 or 4pm that I noticed that more people had made their way into the area protected by the taller fences. Even then, it seemed better than previous years. I think they did a pretty good job.

We didn't really see too many other bands on the road, (we came back down the road a second time... mostly with a steelband) so I don't really know what other people thought, but I haven't heard too many complaints.
I have heard a lot of spectators complain about the fences.... hopefully it will encourage some of them to join the ranks of masqueraders
So if you care to share your experiences and big up your band for what they did right, please leave a comment and let us know how you felt about your Caribana 2009.

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mass#1fan said...

Kara..wanted to say thank you for all the helpful info leading up to caribana..your blog is always on point...so wanted to give you props

COngrats to CNZ...happy to be part of that win...they really did a great job on the rd...the experience with them was AMAZING...security really worked that green fence...at some points during the parade route I really looked around in shock that there were no non masquraders..

In terms of the rd experence...there were lots of non maquraders complaning...and I will say now what i said to them..."Get use to it" you are attending the parade as a spectator..so you should just be viewing if you want to participate buy a costume..as simple as that.

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