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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ol' Time Carnival...Come Again!

Drawing by:  Jackie Forde (2016)
Attendees of King and Queen, or as I like to refer to it, Queen and King, will be treated to a special presentation of traditional Carnival characters like Dame Lorraine, Fancy Sailors, Moko Jumbies, Blue Devils, Bats and more.
You're not going to want to miss this presentation at the half-time show on July 28th at Lamport Stadium.

Dingolay Toronto, who are the talented team of Jackie and Clarence Forde of Toronto Mas Arts Producers and Cajuca Mas Arts Producers, are the creative designer and builder of this production. When Trini-in-Toronto and I were asked to take part, we instantly said of course, because how exciting to have an opportunity to develop an appreciation of traditional mas and understand its significance.

We really look forward to being a part of this presentation, not to mention to learn more about the roots of Carnival, and can't wait to see how the characters come to life. And we hope to bring our own characters to devilish life.  

If you can't make it on Thursday, Ol' Time Carnival...Come Again! will be performing at Arts in the Parks on August 20th at Littles Road Park from 4 - 6, so no excuse to not check it out.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carnival coming...


I've been busy this month with vacation and work, but today I realized there isn't much time left to pick up the few things I need. I decided a small backpack is what I'd like this time on the road. I want to be hands free and I don't even want a purse on my shoulder. This idea came because I wished I had one on vacation. So I picked up this small simple one at Ardene today ($3.75! 😲).
I know how Toronto ladies do like their flats, slip ons and and colourful sneakers for mas, and there are many cute styles again this summer at the usual haunts, Winners, Marshalls, SVP Sports and Ardene.

Ardene flats & slip ons are 50% off, and also their wedge sneaks are 70% off now. 


A lot of variety at Winners 


Colourful selection at Marshalls 

I'll be wearing either my purple or red mas boots - my red ones are the cutest I have, but I'm leaning more towards the purple ones, which were the most comfortable I ever wore.
I'm checking out makeup videos to see what I can try with my eyes if the MUA who I contacted doesn't get back to me.
How is your accessories shopping going? Are you all set?

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