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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saldenah's Mas K Club wins band of the year 2010!!!!!!!

I want to wish the whole Saldenah family (Louis calls us all family) congratulations on their 16th Band of the Year win.
Once I saw the sexy costumes at the launch, I knew they were going to have a good year. Then they pulled position 3, & I knew they would have a REALLY GOOD year.
After a few weeks Ronny started talking on his Blog about numbers. He said that the band was at 1700 members and they were aiming for 2000. I thought, that's pretty ambitious. That's 300 new people only a few weeks before Caribana. Many bands struggle to get 300 members at all. The final tally was 2,700 masqueraders. That is unheard of in Canada. (I believe the previous record was set by Nationz at about 1,700.)
The thing that really impresses me is that they accomplished this facing stiff competition from Carnival Nationz, Tribal Knights had JW and Blaze and Toronto Revellers had Machel Montano.
Maybe you all could help me out in understanding how they drew this crowd.

If you aren't a regular Saldenah masquerader and you played with them this year, what made you choose them? Was it :
The costumes?
The reputation or the crowd it attracts?
Your friends were playing with them?
The position in the parade?
You weren't happy with your experience in another band last year?

If I have to answer this question, I was originally drawn to the band years ago when David Rudder used to sing on their music truck. As time went on, I made friends with many section leaders, many of whom have gone on to start their own bands. (Did you know that 7 of the 14 bands in this years parade are led by bandleaders who were former section leaders in Mas K club?) And now, there are all these familiar faces and characters we see every year, its a nice vibe.
Congrats again, and thanks for a great time on the road today. We will post a bunch of pics soon, but we have to run now.

Also, I have to give a big Congratulations to Thea Jackson and her brand new band Tru Dynasty, who tied for 1st position in the B&C category with Mas Players International. This was her very first year. Somebody can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this means that they will be promoted to Category A status and they will be going down the road next year in one of the top 8 positions. Congrats, for your first year, you certainly made a name for yourselves.




A Category Band of the Year:
1. Saldenah Mas K (446 points)
2. Carnival Nationz (426)
3. Toronto Revellers (422)

B&C Category Band of the Year:
1. (tie) Mas Players Int'l (378 points)
1. (tie) Tru Dynasty (378)
3. Fantazia International (371)

Salah's steelpan academy wins pan alive

Congratulations to Salah Steel Band Academy on another victory at this years Pan Alive competition.

Here are a couple short clips we took.
Just click on the pause button on the iPod on the right of the screen to stop the soca, so you can hear the pan.
This is a clip of Silver Stars, a guest band (Current Panorama Champs)


Golden Harps International

Pan Fantasy

If you all want to hear more pan, please check out Pan Fantasy is having the "Pan in de Park BLOCKO"

August 8th, 2010 5pm to 10 pm at Downsview Park 35 Carl Hall Road (Keele and Sheppard)

This is a free event and food and soft drinks will be on sale.

Friday, July 30, 2010

King and Queen Pictures 2010

These are our Pictures from the King and Queen Contest last night at Lamport Stadium
As always, the sold out crowd was not disappointed. The costumes were beautiful.
I didn't label the costumes, because I don't know all the names and I don't want to label for some and leave out the rest.

Tribal Knights took King of Carnival, while Saldenah took Queen, and both male and female individuals and the new Ontario Science Centre innovation award for D' Chandelier.

Go Michelle!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

King & Queen and Pan Alive

Align Center
Apart from the actual parade, these are the two premier Caribana events. Its a chance to really showcase our culture in a family friendly sit down environment which is easily accessible to people not familiar with the culture.
Its a great lime, and every time I walk through the crowd I see somebody I haven't seen since probably last Caribana. Believe me, seeing the kings and queens paraded under bright stadium lights is a totally different experience than seeing them on the road. Its really something else.

When: Thursday July 29th 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m., rain or shine.
Opening ceremonies at 7 p.m. sharp

Where: Lamport Stadium,
1155 King Street West, Toronto

On Friday, there will be Pan Alive.
Here you will hear 13 steel bands compete as well as a guest performance by the world renowned T&T 2010 Panorama champs Silver Stars steel orchestra.
Both of these cost $30 to attend and you can get ticket info at www.caribanafestival.com

Also, for procrastinators or out-of-towners wanting to play mas, no band has sold out, so inquire with some mas camps, see if they have a costume for you.

Jean and Dinah costume for sale


Jean and Dinah costume for sale, pink option, backline, ($175). Also a ticket for Socavivor, featuring Machel, for this Saturday night ($35) for sale.


Call Tenille - 647 839 8604.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Costume pickup... ready for de road!

I decided to try online registration with Saldenah this year, who used Ticketgateway Inc. You have to set up an account with them, which didn't take that long. The fee is just $6. You get email confirmation immediately, and the next day I received an email from Paradise (Maracas Beach) section leader Jennelle asking for my hip size, as that wasn't an option when registering. The other section leader Nick also called me the next day. I visited the mas camp a week later and spoke with Jennelle and Nick about the costume. I was immediately told the headpiece would remain the same. Phew! They told me about changes to the bottoms (said it would be custom made, not the retail one from the launch/on display) and a slight change to the bra.
Costume pickup was a breeze, everything was there, incl. gold glitter.
The letter from Saldenah is a nice touch, letting us know what's what, to
when at judging, & informing masqueraders about Hamilton Mardigras and Barrie Caribfest.

My widest headpiece yet! Love the shells & how when you move, the feathers sway like waves.

The bra (Mayar Lingerie) was changed again, and I really like this final version full of gems.
Fortunately they didn't go with hand made bottoms, they're a very well matched comfy retail pair.

Trini-in-Toronto chose the most popular male section, Fallen Angel. Section leader Ronnie called to have masqueraders come in for a fitting, so that come pick up day, it would already be done, and hopefully you'd be in & out, no long waits. And that was the case. I know many guys wanted to have the full body paint done like at the launch. It really made the costume stand out even more. I think it would have been an excellent opportunity for someone to provide that the morning of the parade. Section leaders didn't know anyone who sprays on body paint, and suggested checking party supplies stores for makeup paint, which we did look at, but it's just very small Halloween stuff.

Trini-in-Toronto is impressed with his horns, shoulder pads & tail.
I have to go dig out a pitchfork. The shorts are Athletic Works.

Having my costume definitely gets me properly in the mood to jump up. And of course, to do a gazillion crunches in 5 days!!!How did your registration and pick up go? Let's hear all about it...

Caribana 2010 slideshow

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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