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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Number 17 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

~ Twenty years of Caribana ~


Jackals on de road!!!!! 
Bests about 2016: my mauve & red costume and, of course, the headpiece! The guys getting ready to take the stage! Those jackal masks! Our vantage point after, some of the best pictures we've taken on the road! 💘


Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Number 16 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~


Fetin is we name we doh play
We goin night and day
No fete can tire we
We comin again everyday
We full of energy
Is fete they callin we like that is we name

Mr. Fete

This year it was all about the sweet road vibes. Our Fever Mas section carried onnnnn! 
When I saw these costumes backstage, I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped. And my headpiece was ah-may-zing!!! Best one ever. 💙



Monday, July 29, 2019

Number 15 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

~ Twenty years of Caribana ~


The stage, the StAgE, THE STAGE!!!! That's the best thing I remember about 2014, how joyous crossing the stage was. Arawak Princess costume was killer, there's just something about this vibrant red and blue together. Everything from the lightest headpiece ever, the custom designed jewelry, to my fringed boots was just wow. 🥰 Absolutely one of my favourite costumes. This was also the only year I had such an early pick up, so I got to drool over my jewels. 💓

Number 14 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~ 


The Spy Who Loved Me was a costume that I saw backstage at the Revellers launch, and just knew I needed it! Another fabulous SugaCayne Designs
The best thing about the 2013 parade was so many of you that I saw on the road, and alllll the pictures we got.   
I'll let the pictures do their thing... 




Saturday, July 27, 2019

Number 13 ~ Twenty years of Caribana ~

~ Twenty years of Caribana ~


It was a Bubbleicious Caribana. It all started with this sensational purple and blue headpiece, an easy favourite, along with the silver and blue jeweled costume by Tribal Carnival. 
Our last lap was CariVaughan. The downpour washed us out from parading, but the dozen or so true masqueraders who came still jumped up under a tent. 🤍 

Caribana 2010 slideshow

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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