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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Getting ready for the road

For 14 years I've picked up my costume on the Thursday or Friday before the parade. So imagine my surprise when I received a call on Wednesday that my costume would be ready for pick up on Saturday, July 26! Based on how it always went in the past, I thought I would need confirmation that mine was in fact done before I left to drive to the mas camp. So to be on the safe side, I didn't go at 2:00, I figured I should wait until later, get there before 9:00.
So you can imagine my shock to see designer Melinda Rickson and her team waiting for their masqueraders, all the bags of costumes lined up and ready to be handed out. No glue guns were in sight, no last minute additions were being made. Melinda's wasn't the only section completed and being distributed either. I was very pleased with how approachable and helpful Melinda was, she ensured my bra/monokini/bottoms fit, and gave me tips on how to wear the very light headpiece. (Regular readers know my luck with headpieces staying on - basically, I couldn't wear a headband style headpiece, they always fell back.)   

Since everything was ready, I could take the time to check out the goings on in the camp. I liked the vibe, possibly because of this new location which I prefer, which is not as massive and therefore everyone spread out. There wasn't a frenzied feel at all. (Mind you, that could be because it is a week away.) Dr. Jay was playing tunes, snacks were being sold, children were playing video games and couture eyelashes for sale were displayed by flasheseyelashes.com. Louis was happy to tell me Saldenah has over 4,000 masqueraders this year, a Toronto Carnival record.

Wire bras for sale
Ready to be an Arawak Princess
First time wearing this type of light headpiece that is simply held together with a tie. Dare I say it does feel secure, and I want to feel confident that it will stay on!

 Princess jewels

Melinda designed the necklace and earrings perfectly for the costume. 

Someone on facebook mentioned how great it must be to have your costume 7 days in advance, as it gives you time to accessorize. In this case, all the accessories came with the costume, and we even have our own customized beverage bottle. I bought my boots in May and my purse in June. And I have no shortage of gems. 

In the past, I sure could have used those 7 days, even 4 days to make alterations though. This time, no adjustments required. Except now that I have it a week ahead, I'm going to be working out twice a day and eating salad.


Kryssy said...

Nothing better than good customer service. How exciting for you to have your costume already. My cousin picks up ours tomorrow afternoon but I wont see it until I get into town on Wednesday.
I know people are very much anticipating picking up their costumes this year. I don't know if I didn't notice in previous years, but to me this year people seem a lot more amped up to get their costumes earlier. Maybe earlier delivery is something more bands will adopt. I've seen people commenting online about being "unhappy" that they can't pick up their costumes until the Friday.
I personally don't stress over it as much as I did years ago but I think that's because I've built a trust with my band... I have all the confidence in the world that my costume will be great.
Speaking of flawless costumes... Boy do I love your headpiece on you!!! I had a feeling that was your choice this year. Can't wait to see you rock it this year!!

Unknown said...

Happy to hear of your awesome experience Kara :) Loving your costume pick one of the new colour variations that we dont see.

I am also picking up earlier than I have n the past and I must say I am happy about that.

Kryssy I agree with you, people really seem to be super excited about the pickup schedule.

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