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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

King and Queen Thursday, Jab Jab Jouvert Friday

Unofficial tips
There is no assigned seating, so show up early to get the best spots doors open about 4:30pm. Don't worry, this year there is a preshow starting around 4:30pm. There will be some pan, and calypsonians to entertain you until the costumes come on around 7pm. Also they have food and stuff on sale, so reach early and plan to lime before the show.
Also, after the male and female individuals appear, there will be a half time show around 9 to 9:30pm 
There will be performances by Drupati and somebody else (mayber Iwer)..... It really should be easier to google that info, but I can't find it right now. After that, the kings and queens will make their presentation. While we waiting for the judges decisions, you will be able to take a little jump on the field as most of the big papi and dem gone already.
This is a really good event and you can bring your kids, especially if you are feeling guilty about palming them off on Grandma during jouvert, the parade and big people fete. Actually, you should bring grandma too, as a reward for all the baby sitting she will be doing.
The Allan Lamport Stadium becomes an outdoor theatrical stage where the Kings and Queens of the bands along with individuals compete to be the best of the best. They give the audience the opportunity to appreciate the talent and artistic skill of the designers and costumer builders. The Ontario Science Center continues to award a special prize for the best environment use of material in a costume.

Thu. Jul. 31, 2014 - from 7pm to 12am
Allan Lamport Stadium - Map
Good for Singles, Couples and Family
Be prepared to dance
Impressive costumes!

JAB JAB Jouvert  (THIS YEAR, what ah eating is how ah feting OIL DOWN)

It's been a couple years since we fete for jouvert. Actually, last time I went a jouvert fete, we missed crossing the stage with our band..... It was a really good time though.
 But this fete is in the west end close to home, and I wont have to deal with the construction to get downtown. Also, parking should be easy and they are even arranging shuttles to get you here from the east end or downtown.
Most importantly, the line up is awesome and I need to get some paint and mud on me

jabjab jouvert

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