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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fantasy Island - Connections band launch 2012

Caressed by the Ocean 

Polynesian dancers 

 Showing the kiddies how it's done

Fire dance

What a perfect way to showcase costumes: under the shining sun & a blue sky with a slight breeze to bring feathers to life and cause capes to sway. This launch had a back to basics kind of vibe, where people could check out the mas camp, chat with the very accessible band leader, listen to soca, and see mas in all it's glory. 
A few local comics opened the show @6:00, followed by very entertaining Polynesian dancers who really engaged the crowd.

 Forbidden Love

The Search for El Dorado

Kissed by the Sun 



 Your fantasies included some nicely decorated bras, lively bright colours, many full and fun headpieces, and big flowing capes (Sun & Ocean).

Treasure Hunt

Imagine Peace

Caressed by the Ocean

Polynesian Dream
Bahamians Junkanoo drumming

After the drumming, the tunes continued to blast, the BBQ started, and it turned into a nice lime, so wonderful band launch Mervyn and team!

Connections kiddies band launch Under the Sun is June 3 at 3:00 p.m. at the mas camp.

Web: Connections
Facebook:  Connections Mastumes Band 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

All Things Beautiful - Mas Toronto band launch 2012

Passion for Red


Mas Toronto held their band launch at their mas camp, giving it a more of a relaxed blocko feel. Sponsors Hogan Chevrolet were set up providing test drives on their newest rides. Drinks were flowing, and food from Roti hut was on sale. Special entertainment by several Calypsonians included Macomere Fifi and Structure. At 9:00, the models hit the stage, with 6 sections representing All Things Beautiful.  






My favourite is Passion for Red and Trini-in-Toronto likes Snowflakes. The butterfly wings are cute, and the feathery bra and headpieces in Hummingbird look good.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mas Toronto upcoming band launch-

 Mas Toronto is launching on Saturday evening

Saturday, May 19th, 2012
Mas Toronto Band Launch
730 Military Trail, Toronto
Doors Open: 4:00pm
Show Starts: 6:00pm
$10 Admission
Food and Beverage will be available for purchase.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toronto Caribbean Connection's upcoming launch...

This Sunday Toronto Caribbean Connection (formerly known as Connections) promises mas that will make all our dreams come true with their Fantasy Island theme. An island theme sounds quite inviting, I imagine lots of costume potential starting with tropical flowers (maybe plumeria, heliconias, stapelia stars, birds of paradise, orchids, or lotus.) Of course islands also have crystal waterfalls, sparkling star fish, fun seahorses, and beautiful lagoon birds like green herons, white & reddish egrets, lorikeets, purple gallinules, and frigates. I wonder if we'll see any leopards, tea turtles, geckos, and/or lemurs? And there's an endless assortment of amazing looking angel, parrot, butterfly, anemone, hawk, surgeon, and rainbow fish.
I look forward to it, and I just hope there will be tropical bevvies available Mervyn! Hmmm, margaritas & piña coladas...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Toronto Revellers band launch 2012 - Bollywood, lights camera, action!

It’s Trini-in-Toronto writing this post. I have to tell you all, I was really looking forward to this launch and their theme. To be honest, Revellers is the only band I allow myself to get excited about their concept, and that's because they have the courage to design to a theme, even if it means straying from the bikini, beads and feathers formula.
 Before you all get vex and start to argue, tell me which other Big Toronto band has the balls to bring out a section like Phagwa? That's the plain white section with plenty cloth and no bling. (it's white at the launch because the owners of the hall wouldn't let them throw colored powder all over the place). On the road, it will start off white and quickly turn into a sea of color. (anybody looking for a  J'ouvert  like experience? Jamaal called this their J'ouvert section) That is not a safe costume, but it’s their representation of Indian culture, and that's what they are portraying. They still have a couple bikini and beads sections, but it’s the exception, not the rule.
Enough preaching, on to the show….
The evening started off with a tassa band making its way through the thick crowd, and they were followed by Jamaal in a rickshaw, then, we were treated to a troupe of traditional Indian dancers. This wasn’t just a launch, it was a production.
I really liked the yellow costume with the little silky cover up and the headscarf, very nice, I’m thinking it’s going to be really popular. I hope you all like the pics. The mas camp opens Tuesday after work for registration (cash only on Tuesday).

Karabana here ~ I was very impressed to see Revellers lived up to my expectations for a fun Bollywood themed evening, with all the exceptional production they put into their launch. It really felt like more than your average band launch, so great job team Revellers! 


I must also applaud the designers for using so many other beautiful materials available to mas makers to represent colourful Indian costumes. As Jamaal reminded us a couple of times, they had a theme, and they stuck with it. And for those who simply love their big feathers, there are a few sections where you can get your plumage fix. Hey, they've even threw in some cage bras for those who dare.

The thing that stands out for me most about Indian fashion is the gorgeous colour combinations. They did a nice job here, I have many favourites, including the yellow, purple, green & gold, blue & pink... I've learned never say never about a colour, because I'm still surprised that the one I'm most blown away by is the yellow costume! It's bound to sell out quick! 
I know it may look like a bit too much (colour) is going on with a couple sections, but when you think about it, they are actually accurate representations.  

The overall presentation was wonderful to see, and I'm going to just go ahead & make a prediction that this will be a BIG WIN for Revellers.

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