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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Carnival Nationz band launch 2017 - Oh Canada

Carnival Nationz mas camp was packed with masqueraders eager to see their much anticipated presentation Oh Canada.  I enjoyed this launch, and was pleased it started at 1. The only exception was host SKF continually mentioning how we need to buy costumes and respect de mas. Steups. I think the message needs to change from telling us, the wrong people this, to "Tell your friends who don't play mas or know about Carnival to check out the pictures & videos, tag them on social media, visit mas camps, choose a costume, and be in the parade properly by playing mas." I mean, I respect the respect de mas idea of course, but come on, you can't continue to preach to the choir & cause a uncomfortable, rather condescending atmosphere. The audience is filled with masqueraders after all, who do support the bands & play mas.

The Ojibway 


Several observations, the first being Nationz came strong with many men's costumes, giving them larger headpieces and frontline options. Notable ones are The Ojibway, Armed Forces, Oh Kanata,  We Jammin' Still, Aura Borealis, Her Majesty and Horseshoe.

The native wear of The Ojibway and Oh Kanata are well done, and will go over well.

We Jammin' Still
1967 -2017 

I like the necklace, bra and waistband beading here, like in Bird of Paradise last year. 👏

A favourite headpiece, and I also liked the cascading one in Prairie Sunset and Armed Forced FL. 

More Life 

Snow Angels 


The one pieces, to me, had more of a wow factor than the bikinis. Each and every design was stunning.

The Rockies 

Fantastic design here with the half top. 👍

LOVE the uniqueness of this headpiece! 

Prairie Sunset

Cute bra, as are all The Ojibway, Toonie and Her Majesty ones.  


Lots of lovely leg wraps in many sections, adding to the overall costume impact.  

🔥 Best dancer for sure. 💯  


Armed Forces

Great colours used in this unique section Armed Forces, as is the use of the patches and sleeves. 



Her Majesty



I felt there was a Brazilian vibe to  most of the frontline costumes. 

Aura Borealis

Oh Kanata

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Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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