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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lingerie or mas?

A band launch in November? Hah, no, I just had to come out of hiatus to post about the 2010 Victoria Secret's Fashion Show. Every year the wings get BIGGER & bolder. But the designers have been adding so much more to some of the bras & panties, that they really look like carnival costumes! Didn't the fashion show look like a band launch to you?

Tell me this doesn't look like mas!?!

Finally someone put these two things together: skulls & roses!!

This is a favourite because of the peacock feathers in the wings, which I just love.

Massive peacock wings, golden wiry "backpack," tail feathers =Individual!!

Make room!!

So angelic huh? I like the headpiece, er, the jeweled crown

I'd add jewels to the boy shorts and a rhinestone headband

Of course, bubble wings!

Reminds me of the Spartacus slaves. Love it!

Serious hardware on those wings

Pompoms, cute. Butterfly pride

This one for the boots. STOMP!!!

I know what's missing from making these mas are waistbands (& headpieces). But that's easily fixed. It's a long, cold fall & winter with nothing to hold us over until the launches start here in May. So I enjoy this annual extravaganza, and some of these creations go on my Caribana costume wish list. Hey, we can always hope!
I think Victoria Secret's should come out with a band...

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