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Friday, August 17, 2012

How was your Caribana?

The best thing for me this year was absolutely my costume, I felt freakin fantastic in it. My favourite! heart-eyes.gif Not many gems popped off, and none of the big dangling crystals came off ! The gems used were high quality, including in the necklace. The wire on the collar did bruise me, it was difficult to wear comfortably. It could have used padding. But now I know what playing frontline is like, and I wouldn't rule it out again, perhaps a backpack or wings though, or maybe a collar designed differently.
We arrived at the CNE at 11:00, so Trini-in-Toronto got his big Caribana wish, incl his coveted $3 parking near the Go Station. http://www.fullfreestuff.com/FreePhotos/Clipart/Smilies/Emotions/Phew%20Smiley.gifWe were able to get pictures of Saldenah but very few of Nationz. As for the loop - I didn't really enjoy it. It would have served it's purpose if it was lined with more spectators. But there weren't that many spectators inside the loop, and so it felt rather pointless, and like it was taking up time. Photographers jumped in after the loop, and then once we got on the Lakeshore, some stormers. After judging, of course there were more stormers. But what we all should realize by now is the top big bands always have stormers. Likely even all the bands. Now I don't know about Mas Toronto (1) though. Anyone who played with them is certainly encouraged to comment on that. As well as what time they actually got going, because word is they didn't start until 12:00. How did the security rope work for Revellers after judging? What about the road experience for bands like Connections and TruDynasty who went down later?
Once again (3) bands didn't make it onto the parade, which is definitely an injustice. Penalties were said to be given this year for bands that held up the parade, which is the proper way to handle delays.
Tribal Knights water truck had plenty of bottles whenever I went, and the cool zone fans were a terrific, much used touch. The food distribution was an issue. One person was grilling chicken and masqueraders were in a very slow moving food line before the loop. When we had to assemble they closed down and stopped giving out food, and we tried twice more after judging to get food. The second try they ran out and said come back in an hour when the chicken was supposed to be done. The third time I was eventually given one box (of 4 drumsticks), but food for Trini-in-Toronto who was next to me also waiting, never came.
We had to leave the parade to find food @5:00, and I finally left and reached the car at 8:00 when it started to rain. There were sooo many black boxes of 1/2 eaten chow mein littered all over the route (was it CNz lunch?), so obviously at least another band had some sort of problem. Was it inedible, or just too big a serving of cold noodles?

Something I've noticed the past few years is many people also changed bands. What were your reasons for switching bands, the costumes, the parade? And how was the experience?
Another thing I took notice of this year was most masqueraders wore flats, sandals or sneakers. I saw some very well matched colourful flats on Skittlez girls. And while many sandals looked very cute, I couldn't do it, my feet need support when I'm on them for 9 hours! I barely saw boots, and they were on mostly frontliners.

Well, my Hamilton carnival tabanca hit for sure. And with no Barrie parade either, it's especially hard. 1crap.gifBarrie's Caribfest parade will hopefully be back next yearhttp://www.eyesskyward.com/forum/images/smilies/fingers_crossed.gif, and as for Hamilton's MardiGras????? Smiley saying “Please?!”
Until next time, take the very best of care everyone! huey.gif

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rupee at Caribfest



Although the parade is not happening this year Caribfest IS NOT CANCELLED - as the parade was just one component of the weekend. The parade brings out the majority of the people however, due to policing wanting to charge the organization 3 to 4 times more for policing this year as opposed to last year's parade, organizers thought that was un-fair and proposed other avenues like more security officers to maintain crowd control for the parade and other out door events. Barrie Caribfest is in its 6th year and has no history of violence so this was an unfortunate card organizers to be dealt. When they realized that none of their proposals would work, to avoid paying 3 times more than last year for policing, they decided to agree and pay, but at that time policing said it would be too late to get that much policing in such short notice. So they were left with not having the parade this year. They are still going strong though and are having Barrie Caribfest from Aug 16-19, just indoors at these places also seen in the below flyer. They also have a second event that is held in Muskoka the following week of Caribfest where they will be showcasing costumes for the public to see, for those that still want to get a taste of the masquerade. 

This is new encouraging information to receive, it gives some hope that the parade could return!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Last lap CariVaughan


It rained on our parade, but fortunately only for awhile. The forecast for rain didn't stop about a dozen or so masqueraders from coming to Vaughan for CariVaughan, or now known as last lap. Masqueraders from Saldenah, Tribal Knights, Toronto Revellers, and Carnival Nationz jumped up under a tent set up by the Invinceable International crew, and then headed over to city hall to parade around the block. There were food vendors and entertainment, and games for the kids by PanAm Toronto. Even though Toronto bands don't officially participate (send trucks), masqueraders do, and there will hopefully be more publicity next year by organizers so more masqueraders know this is where to go the Saturday after Caribana.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

The next parade...

This Saturday there are a few parades, West Fete, CariVaughan and Niagara Caribbean Carnival.

With Hamilton MardiGras and Barrie Caribfest not happening (and likely officially done), we've got to look to other carnivals for our las lap people. Remember what the first Hamilton and Barrie parades were like. Small, not much of a crowd. But then in the second and third years, things picked up, and they became THE carnivals to look forward to. So I say we give these carnivals a chance, because everything has to start small, but eventually it grows, with enough support. There is very little info out there about Niagara and Brampton, so we're likely to check out Vaughan.
Just to clarify, no TMBA bands are officially taking part, but all masqueraders are encouraged and welcome to come out with their costumes and take a jump. And don't fear the rain, the farmers need it.... come to think of it, how come I haven't heard about the farmers rhythm section in a long time? (That's off topic) even if you don't come in costume at least come and buy a box of jerk and drink a beer to support the festival.  

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Mardi Gras, Hamilton

Mardi Gras, Hamilton

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