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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rupee at Caribfest



Although the parade is not happening this year Caribfest IS NOT CANCELLED - as the parade was just one component of the weekend. The parade brings out the majority of the people however, due to policing wanting to charge the organization 3 to 4 times more for policing this year as opposed to last year's parade, organizers thought that was un-fair and proposed other avenues like more security officers to maintain crowd control for the parade and other out door events. Barrie Caribfest is in its 6th year and has no history of violence so this was an unfortunate card organizers to be dealt. When they realized that none of their proposals would work, to avoid paying 3 times more than last year for policing, they decided to agree and pay, but at that time policing said it would be too late to get that much policing in such short notice. So they were left with not having the parade this year. They are still going strong though and are having Barrie Caribfest from Aug 16-19, just indoors at these places also seen in the below flyer. They also have a second event that is held in Muskoka the following week of Caribfest where they will be showcasing costumes for the public to see, for those that still want to get a taste of the masquerade. 

This is new encouraging information to receive, it gives some hope that the parade could return!

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