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Friday, August 03, 2012

Costume collection... no fuss, no drama.

Trini-in-Toronto here, we just got back from costume collection with Tribal Carnival (Knights), Bubblicious, and it went really smoothly, which is a good thing because with the parade tomorrow, we don't have time for any adjustments. (Which fortunately we don't have to do.) When we went there about 3pm we noticed that many masqueraders hadn't come down yet (there were still lots of costumes waiting to be picked up). Everything was orderly and section and band leaders were greeting people and handling any complications in a customer friendly manner.

As Karabana was in the back with Marsha working out some details, I was out front chilling next to the A/C for abut 15 minutes or so. I had the chance to see how the pickup went for other people. One thing I liked was, as you walked in, someone took your name, went in the back to get your costume and came back with a box. Then they walked over to a display case, opened the box, took out each piece and showed it to you and explained how to put it on. (This is your arm piece, this is you size c- cup bra, this is your belt etc.) Then you paid and signed that you got everything.
I can't tell you how many times I have been handed two or three bags and gone home to find stuff missing. This is a simple no-cost procedure that every section leader should implement to avoid problems. (A piece of paper with a checklist would make it fool proof.)

You know Karabana is jealous my head piece is bigger right?

It's me Karabana now, yes, he's right, I do wonder how come men get a bigger headpiece? (envious) Anyway, I'm quite pleased with my entire costume though, the blue changed to silver, but that's alright. I have been impressed with the entire registration and communication process with Tribal Knights from the start. From easily registering on their mas camp computer with Candice, to the friendly and professional phone calls and emails from Gail, great conversations in person with Dexter, and today's pick up with helpful Marsha. I liked that you could add comments to your order, such as no wire bra, but a real bra. We received emails that day confirming our registration. Dexter was there to help at registration and answer any questions. Bubbleicious wasn't on the pick up message, so I asked and was told on Monday pick up was Thursday, but then on Thurs. got a call that it wouldn't be until today. I was disappointed with that change, but really, as long as I wasn't getting my costume late Friday night, and there weren't problems with it, I'm good. I understand it's pressure this week at mas camps, esp with King & Queen on Thurs. night. 
But of course what I really want to be very pleased with is tomorrow, and another positive (& important) sign is I saw plenty of bottles of water at the mas camp, which is going to be greatly needed tomorrow!!  
See you on de road!


Trini-K said...

awww I wish I would've know that you all were playing with Tribal Knights... I would've came by and said Hi and shared a drink or two. =)
We actually had a fantastic time playing with TK this year. Candice was a great section leader as you said. We got the costumes on Friday morning and they were goregeous. The entire experience was a lot better than last year: plenty of bottled water, a little more organized and the misting truck was great. The DJ's this year were really great as well. Can't comment on the food because once we crossed the judging we took off and met up with our family on Lakeshore and ate some pelau and got some drinks in... then we re-joined the band when they passed.
The only imperfections were that we didn't receive our arm bands and leg bands- which we decided that we didn't care about because they would leave tan lines and we already had enough of those... and my sequined bra... although it fit, the wire on the left side started coming out before we left the staging area (not a big deal- I just pulled it out) and the right side was scraping my torso so bad that I have two large open cuts- 1 is 2 inches long and an inch wide and the other is about 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.... and they HURT... I think the liquor kept the pain to a minimum at the parade, but Sunday morning I felt them! LOL. Hopefully the Neosporin I put on it will clear them up.
Besides that, we had the best Caribana ever. We didn't want to leave... =) Hope you two enjoyed yourselves. I'm back in Texas and looking forward to doing it again next year.

Anonymous said...

I had a great time. We played with Saldenah Hyancinth Opal section, and honestly, prior to this year, I told myself it would probably be my last. The service I received in the years prior was too much stress, the costumes were poor, etc.
BUT NOT THIS YEAR! Karen, our section leader was amazing. I got about 6-7 emails with updates, pickup dates, changes, etc. I picked up when I was told to pick up, there was no line, I had the most beautiful costume EVER, and the whole thing stayed in tact. I got about 5/6 bottles of water on the road, and everybody was drama free.

My only complaint. Too hot! Too hot! Too hot! My spirit glue held until about noon before I sweated the whole thing off. Nothing was going to work for me that day.

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