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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Taste of Caribana heading to York

YorkRegion Article: Taste of Caribana heading to York

This is cool, we live right next to Vaughan, so we look forward to this happening!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open booze at Caribana?

TheStar New booze rules for Ontario?

If this goes through, and I hope it does, I certainly expect it to include the Caribana festival! It's high time we get with the program in Canada, and be rid of this patriarchal law. When you really think about the law banning public alcohol, what is it for? To prevent public drunkenness? Alright, so the last time you were in the Caribbean, how much of that did you see? None, or not much, right? People there, for the most part, drink responsibly and don't act like life is a drunk fest because they can drink outside - which is what I suspect our Canadian law makers are worried about. Trinidad society for example isn't all uptight about their liquor. Do countries with relaxed liquor laws mean they have a higher rate of alcoholism or impaired driving? I don't believe so.

What do you think? Would it matter to you, or not really, since people do drink at the parade anyway?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Slice audio file splitter (cut that mix down to size)

Private Ryan has released brainwash 2011 and its HOT. http://www.djprivateryan.libsyn.com/         

You probably know about the mix already, what I wanted to share with you is a free software that trims MP3's so you can burn them to play on an older cd player that doesn't support MP3s.
You will notice the mix is more than 2 hours which is too long for a normal CD. Slice audio file splitter will cut the file into two parts, so you can make 2 cds. You can also cut up the file into several "tracks" so you can skip around the mix, this is handy for in the car.

Enjoy, the mix is really good


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Losing our flow

Dr. Jay

I'm briefly out of hiatus early again this year due to readers asking I post about the terrible news that FLOW 93.5 FM canceled Soca Therapy. But it's not just that FLOW ditched the popular Sunday night show with Dr. Jay. Other FLOW radio personalities including DJ Spexx, Devo Brown, Jus Red, and J Wyze were given the boot, because they were bought out by CHUM (in June '10). Many more FLOW employees will be losing their jobs as well.

I personally found that ever since the station became the "new" FLOW, it lost it's, well, flow. Were it not for Soca Therapy, I wouldn't tune in. They just became like all the other standard pop hit stations in Toronto. After the Morning Rush with Gemini & Mark Strong was axed, it hasn't been the same. It was such a coup in 2001 to listen to Canada's one & only urban station. And now what will we have, the same ol same ol? Such a disappointment, no more Pan Moments! Aye Aye Aye!

There's a lot of talk that CHUM will squash the urban vibes for cookie cutter radio programming. People have been doubting they'll give the city the soca and reggae it desperately needs, even though they've stated otherwise. This is a HUGE loss to Toronto and beyond.

Here is a petition you can sign: Bring Back Soca Therapy & Riddim Track To Air!

It doesn't stop there, the CRTC revoked community radio (Ryerson) CKLN 88.1FM's broadcasting license. So soon gone is Calypso Fusion.
Go here for this petition:

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