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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open booze at Caribana?

TheStar New booze rules for Ontario?

If this goes through, and I hope it does, I certainly expect it to include the Caribana festival! It's high time we get with the program in Canada, and be rid of this patriarchal law. When you really think about the law banning public alcohol, what is it for? To prevent public drunkenness? Alright, so the last time you were in the Caribbean, how much of that did you see? None, or not much, right? People there, for the most part, drink responsibly and don't act like life is a drunk fest because they can drink outside - which is what I suspect our Canadian law makers are worried about. Trinidad society for example isn't all uptight about their liquor. Do countries with relaxed liquor laws mean they have a higher rate of alcoholism or impaired driving? I don't believe so.

What do you think? Would it matter to you, or not really, since people do drink at the parade anyway?


Anonymous said...

I think it would be great, would be cool if it was like a cashbar or something. But I guess it could be a hassle to since youll have to bring ID and all.

Karabana said...

Cash bars would be good, sure, more business opportunities.

TB said...

I suppose the cash bar would be more for the spectators not associated with a band.

If booze is included on the road it would mean higher costume prices because the bands would want to take advantage of offering alcoholic beverages to their player BUT not everyone drinks...

The bands could have two different price points - all inclusive for those 19+ (show ID at time of registration in the camp) who pay more and have a bar truck on the road like they do in other carnivals around the world and a regular costume only price (different wrist bands for all inclusive service).

Excellent idea but I don't have much hope for it happening in toronto any time soon.

a girl can dream...

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