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Saturday, July 25, 2015


 ~My carnival cup~

Found at Giant Tiger this month. Lots of cute carnival bottle options to choose from.

How ready are you for next week? I'm all set, got my accessory shopping done, just happened upon great finds while already shopping. My tights and silver laces are coming from CarnivalKicks.
 (Tuesday is the last day to place orders with them.
They'll be at Saldenah's mas camp on Thursday and Friday from 1pm til 8ish. Select 'Caribana pickup' as the shipping option.)

Scored these bad gyrls at Value Village for $7.50. Oh yes.

Ideal sized backpack bag, also at Value Village for $3. You heard it. 

 Caught this dragonfly in Chinatown.

Tell us where you got your footwear and other accessories, and send pictures if you would like them included in this post to karabana01@yahoo.ca.

  Raesha "bought these online for $9, spray painted them gold (they were taupe) and decorated them.

Here is the finished product. Took a couple hours. Did it back in the first week of June. Stretched the hell out of the boots for three days prior to decorating them

Ironically, I don't think I will wear them on the road. I will stick with the purple Joan&David suede boots I found on Kijiji and wore at the July 7th launch. Although they are a 1.5 sizes too large and padded with Dr Scholl's inserts, I intend to be munching on Advil all parade day."


Kryssy says "I got my boots at a discount store for less than $20 and decorated them a while back."


"I got the gold purse ($5.99) & the eyelashes ($0.99 ea.) at my local beauty supply store.
The Gold Metallic Leg Wraps ($21.99), red drawstring water bag ($5.99), & the selfie stick ($15.99) are from Amazon.com.
I used my points at Sephora to get the mist & fix mini to keep my makeup intact. Also used Sephora points to get the mini emergency kit; but I'm not using all the stuff that's in it. (I think they sell for $14 & $16 respectively.)"

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Junior Carnival 2015


Today was The Toronto Junior Carnival parade. The event was held once again in the Malvern Community. It was held there last year, but if you remember, last year it rained towards the end of the parade, so, the post parade events didn’t get their time to shine. This year, from what I saw, the event was executed in a flawless fashion. Kudos to the event organizers, band leaders, parents and all the various volunteers who made sure everything ran smoothly.

I’ve said many times how much I love this event, and once again, it is where our community showcases our culture in the best possible light.

Everything started on time, and this year, the route was a little shorter. I think it was a good change. The bands move through judging very slowly, so shortening the route it made the day a little more manageable for the young ones.

The children were real troopers, it was a very hot day and, being out in the sun for 4 to 5 hours can’t be easy on them. I didn’t see any meltdowns. The bands made sure everyone was hydrated and kept safe. Organizers had ample porta-potties along the route and really I didn’t see anything to complain about.  

It makes me very happy to see this event strongly supported by parents. We were told that at least one band had 600 children. It’s great to see the tradition passed down to the next generation.
Congratulations goes to Toronto Revellers for The Games capturing the big win, Band of the Year. They deserved it for all their creative designs and well represented sections.


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