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Monday, April 30, 2012

Renaissance band launch 2012

 All photos by Michelle

We weren't able to attend  the Gods and Goddesses Myths of Ancient Worlds launch on Sunday afternoon, however, our friend, fellow Caribana addict and longtime blog reader Michelle is your guest blogger for this launch, and she took these pictures for you.

Michelle's impressions of the launch: Renaissance presented 7 adult sections + 4 children's sections.
I was very impressed with the presentation.  The band appears to have taken the time to present well-made, complete costumes - the front AND back of the headpieces were complete while back packs were completely finished down to the details AND frames were entirely covered. The models  presented each section really well and did not have to hold their pieces or back packs while on stage.

We like the looks of the costumes, yes, they look really well put together and there are some big strong fantastic headpieces. We wish Renaissance much success this year.  http://renaissancemasproductions.com/index.html
Thanks a lot Michelle, you're the best >:D< big hug  , very nice shots, until the next launch...



Saldenah's ~Fantasy in Jewels 2012~

Louis Saldenah Mas-K Club's launch at the Metropolitan Centre was once again jammed to capacity this year. Costumed models were ready to hit the stage just before 1 am. The addition of the photographers pit was great to see, I appreciated it, and hope other such packed launches will have the same set up.  

One of the things that keeps coming to mind as I go through the pictures is options. Designers have given masqueraders choices in everything. With headpieces, you've got the full frontlines, smaller backline versions, and some headbands, which are becoming more popular with masqueraders who don't wear the headpiece anyway.  Now speaking of headpieces, I'm still all about the full big ones, & I'm not over feathers, we haven't had them that long in Toronto for me to say I'm done. So bring them on I say!, & that they certainly did, particularly Fire & Ice, Topazos, Emerald's Finest, Serpents Eyes, Rings of the Mystic Topaz, and Jade Empire.  

Some designers also went with barely there wire bras & waistbands for some frontlines, and a full bra and boy shorts in the same section. There are monokinis of different styles, a mini skirt, capes, and of course, varieties of WINGS, wings, WiNgS!  

I'm really drawn to this shade of orange, mandarin, and how crisp it looks with the white. Love it! 
Also the yellow and teal are amazing together, sigh, I wish I could play in yellow... 


I say good on ya Myanna for experimenting with colour combinations like this grey with pink. Mas tends to stick to the tried & true colours, so it's refreshing to see this change, which I think is a soft, pretty look. Perhaps more pink could be added to the suit to not wash it out though, but the headpieces and fl wings are knock-outs.

Trini-in-Toronto applauds Ronnie on every year making a men's costume that guys are excited to play in. He always designs with a lot of attention to the details in their costumes, and gives them a character they think is cool to play. It seems once you give guys a sword, a fun hat, a masculine belt or shoulder pads, they're good to go! I have noticed the last several years this section really has a time on the road! 

For the female fl, I liked how the tail feathers swayed easily, and the model seemed comfortable in the entire full costume, like it was easy to manoeuvre in. (With many massive backpacks & collars, the models are clearly having a very difficult time in them.) Notice that just by adding a cut out to the waistband that ties in the back, it gives the illusion of a high waisted thong. Nice! 

Another fantastic launch, with loads of  COLOUR, & that is what mas is about afterall! 
Everyone is anxiously awaiting Saldenah to publish their prices on their site, which will no doubt increase this year if it is indeed the case that mas materials have really skyrocketed. But by how much is the question... 

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