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Monday, April 30, 2012

Renaissance band launch 2012

 All photos by Michelle

We weren't able to attend  the Gods and Goddesses Myths of Ancient Worlds launch on Sunday afternoon, however, our friend, fellow Caribana addict and longtime blog reader Michelle is your guest blogger for this launch, and she took these pictures for you.

Michelle's impressions of the launch: Renaissance presented 7 adult sections + 4 children's sections.
I was very impressed with the presentation.  The band appears to have taken the time to present well-made, complete costumes - the front AND back of the headpieces were complete while back packs were completely finished down to the details AND frames were entirely covered. The models  presented each section really well and did not have to hold their pieces or back packs while on stage.

We like the looks of the costumes, yes, they look really well put together and there are some big strong fantastic headpieces. We wish Renaissance much success this year.  http://renaissancemasproductions.com/index.html
Thanks a lot Michelle, you're the best >:D< big hug  , very nice shots, until the next launch...




Anonymous said...

I love that first blue costume! I wish I could wear it, but I'm way too pasty to pull that blue off. :(
I'm curious about their road position.
How did they do last year?

Karabana said...

They came in 3rd in the B bands.

Thumbs Up said...

I agree with Michelle's feedback about the presentation, it was great! Every detail on each costume was taken care of down to the sparkle of the feathers... I also appreciated that the had something for each age group. My favourites are Persia (blue) and China (Peach)

Anonymous said...

Look look look look....a green costume without peacock feathers and looking very nice (not messy!)...Saldenah it can be done!

Anonymous said...

lol @10:18
Completely agree!

new@mas said...

I am not one to comment as I am a rookie to playing Mas but I must must commend you on having designs and models that are reflective of the average masaquerader!!!!! Kudos I love the Blue and Green

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