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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carnival Nationz Empires 2012!

Dominion, the Pink Empire

The launch was back at the Sound Academy, probably the better choice over last year's Phoenix for such a packed event. It was great to see the Roman guards hit the stage at 1:30.


For me, the costumes that portrayed their empires well are Mongolian and Egypt and a l l the men's costumes. 
It was great to see that some backlines weren't completely overwhelmed by the powerful frontlines: for example, Mongolian and Egyptian. The headpieces shown aren't reduced, or by much. Of course, many frontlines are spectacular and for those masqueraders who like to and can manage wearing all those extras on the road, your choices are difficult! Imperio, Español, Russian, Dominion and Akkadia have colours that really pop!

The Russian Empire 


Trini-in-Toronto really likes Aztec, Mongolian, and Egypt. He was particularly impressed to see they leaned on the men to carry the theme. Designers hands are tied in a way because many women insist their costumes fit into a certain mold. If they stray from that, their costume won't sell. 



Sparta, the Greek Empire
I can't stop looking at Sparta's female headpiece, very strong design, and from the side it has an alien look, so creepy cool! It must also be the models makeup. Love it! Egypt is another stand out that clearly says Cleopatra! All angles of the "mohawk" style Mongolian headpiece look great, & it looks like it would be light to wear.

Mongolian Empire


Rio, the Brazilian Empire




I took notice of some different details, materials & beads used, particularly these in Imperio Español.

...and the feathered belt and jewellery in Shang Dynasty.

 I like the black wet look suit. 

Persian Empire


Dominion, the Pink Empire


On line registration was said to have started at 12 noon today, then 7 pm, but now it's tomorrow at 12 pm. Stay tuned...

Nationz also confirmed that they will be choosing which position in the parade they would like to be in. When the crowd was asked if they'd like to go down #1, there was a very distinct NO! response. Since many CNz masqueraders prefer to get a later start to the parade, at least not early, they could likely chose 3rd.   

Trini-in-Toronto wants to add that you know your band launch is big when there are 3 corn soup guys set up outside. Very appreciated when it's only 10°.


Anonymous said...

Interesting concept getting to pick their own position for the road.
My question is, did they change the horrible route from last year, or are we going in a loop again before we hit the stage?

Trini-in-Toronto said...

We have seen lots of negative feedback to not only the loop, but the people who paid to sit in the bleachers along the loop were very upset. If you are going to charge people money to see a show, you have to put the seats where the show is. Ie as close to the judges as possible. Nobody is jumping up and having a good time in that assembly area, they are standing around listening to the incessant chant of get in your section, get in your section get in your section.

Anonymous said...

I actually preferred the loop last year. As a masquerader it was refreshing to be able to enjoy my costume and the music for a while before all the 'fence jumpers' interrupted. Yes it was a unorganized but It was a first attempt at something new so problems can be expected. For the spectators I guess you get what you pay for. I don't know how true this is but I was told that if a seat was purchased near the viewing area where the judges are, food and drink were provided.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I was late last year and met my band just after they crossed the stage. So, I didn't experience the loop. I guess I formed an opinion based on complaints I read....... Trinis like to complain though ;)

Gail said...

if masquerders allow Carnivalnationz to raise prices at this rate! then they have no one to blame but themselves next year and years to come when baseline costumes are $300-450i dont even want to think about frontlines. SO much for loyalty!!!!!

Black Queen said...

I think maybe they should have different judging areas along that loop. it would get the bands pumped and let the crowed get their moneys worth!

So the loop was very long and by the time we had hit the stage it was like we never even went on!

Trudy said...

I did think the prices were pretty steep when the security is lax and there is NO ALCOHOL! Damn Canadians lololol

Anonymous said...

sections already selling out. Way to go Nationz....excited about my Aztec FL costume

Anonymous said...

Another great review, Karabana..

And: Very true, Trudy!
When I saw the 13% Canadian tax, I did a big long 'steupsssss' but I register anyway... But when I saw the $15 online transaction fee, I get real vex!! Total: $258 for a backline costume and there's no liquor?!? CNz needs a loyalty program, bcuz it's only bcuz I love them why I didn't say 'F That!!'

Nonetheless, I can't wait to put on my Aztec costume and have a time!

Karabana said...

Thank you, & wtg both Anons, Aztec is such a lovely costume.

Anonymous said...

The prices are steep but CNz has the best security IMO last year, plus a wee wee truck. And you know we rocked our costumes b/c we swept the competition!

Anonymous said...

I registered for my costume yesterday with my sister and some friends. The service was great and all of our questions were answered. Yes the price is high but he costumes looked great and didn't look cheap like some other bands I have seen and played with before. This will be my first year playing with them and I hope it will not be my last year with them. I
Looking forward to Caribana this year.

Anonymous said...

No doubt cnz costume looks great, but I truly believe that the launch costumes are made amazing. When you get your costume its not as good as the display... Just from my own experience.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.. im sorry but why do they keep raising the price of the costumes? its not like we get alcohol or entrance to fete by pass. Pretty soon costume will be all $300 for what? piece of bathing suit with jewels.

Anonymous said...

I think that considering CNz costumes are made well with lots of fine detail, it is well worth the price. Yes everyone does not like to pay more for anything, but CNz has always done a good job taking care of their masqueraders, and many other bands are lacking in that area. I for one rather pay the extra for a beautiful costume that will not leave me naked in the street, and will make it thru Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, and Miami carnival. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aztec costume for sale, 36dd, 36 belt, medium panty

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