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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warriors, Guards, Queens and Kings

Ghengis Khan

A theme we're both very excited about is Empires by Carnival Nationz. Just imagine, the design potential is e n d l e s s. Think of many of the big empires: Persian, Roman, Ottoman, Byzantine, Mongol, British, Russian. For the key players, you've got Kings & Queens, Emperors, Equestrians, Samurai warriors, Sultans, Dukes, Lady's, Generals... The male costumes should be really powerful because there are so many cool strong costumed warriors. And what guy doesn't want to play a Roman soldier?

Love the face gear on this Ottoman Janissary

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do...
Ottoman troops
coming for you

Hmmm, I don't think this Persian guard has enough weapons...

Now for the ladies, it's all about different and elaborate headpieces, including this one for a
Mongol Queen

More fabulous costume and headpiece potential on these Russian Queens (& notice, no feathers!)

Persian Queen costume

There's always sexy Cleopatra with a golden beaded snake headband, scarab necklace and revealing metallic gold dress.

Bejeweled Byzantine crown

Love the entire ensemble and the "I dare you to come closer" smirk on Cougar Queen.

Isn't this portrait of Anna of Austria ideal inspiration for big mas, the Queen? Massive hoop skirt, gold, jewels, pearls, a crown... and check out that collar - & there are no feathers!

Golden couple King Xerses and Queen Esther

For the royal fellows, there's Napoleon III in his riding pants & boots and fur cape. But he definitely needs his Bicorne hat.

I think the beard makes Ivan IV extra menacing, because that helmet hat isn't too threatening.

Peter the Great's head looks extra puny with all that armour.

Anyway, I really hope to see some innovative ways of creating all the colourful characters in empires, and I think that Nationz designers can be the ones to do it. Looking forward to it!

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Anonymous said...

Great post... I totally agree... I'm looking forward to CNz presentation.

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