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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saldenah's Jewels behind the scenes

Fire and Ice (Mandarin Garnet)
Section leader Kolin Alexander (Soca Vibes) (647-222-1360)

Diamonds are forever
Section leader Hayden Harbib 416-843-4215

Inca Rose
Section leader Godfrey Wickham (647-308-0981)

Jade Empire 
Section leaders Ronnie & Samantha (647-733-1747)

Precious Zirconia
Section leader Rodney Miguel (416-948-1583)

Crystal Dreams
Section leader: Dr Jay and Myanna (416-245-6411 ext 4)

Topazmic Exposion
Section leaders Aaron and Ronny Saldenah   rgsaldenah@hotmail.com  aaronsaldenah@gmail.com


The Citron Dragon
Section leader Bryant Sinanan (416-450-0503)

Ruby Rumba
Section leader Curtis Eustace (416-728-6504)

Emeralds Finest
Section leaders Nick and Jennelle  Island dreams1@yahoo.ca 

Serpents' Eyes
Section leader Curtis Aitchison (416-909-0448)

Rings of Mystic Topaz
Section leader Rose (647-209-9434)

Garnet in all it's Radiance 
Section leader Sherry Nagil (647-988-4693)

Mozambique Tourmaline 
Section leaders Winston & Sandra Healey (XPats)
Hyacinth Opal - Fire of the dessert.
Section leader Karen Jones (647-297-9784) 

Cinderella's Tale, Section leaders Pete & Amanda Pete@TangCanada.com, will be on display at the mas camp.

Stage pictures tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

WOW! they are some very nice costumes! my fav are: Inca Rose, Topazos and Garnet in all it's Radiance.

Thanks for the pic's

Anonymous said...

Wow.... These are really weak. They've had the theme for over a year, and this is what they come up with?
I'm so unimpressed, I'm disappointed.
How are the veterans supposed to stay motivated to play each year, when there's nothing new being offered? The male costumes are pathetic as usual. Just once, I would like my husband to look as good on the road as I do.
Way to get me peeved on Sunday morning with this pathetic attempt Saldenah!

Sheray said...

i was SOO excited to see these costumes...usually i am so torn between Louis costumes and have to choose between atleast 3, The theme this year seemed soo exciting, JEWELS...colorful bling. I've been waiting anxiously since last year to see these. Personally i am not to mpressed, these costumes look plain, like they were made by a new band...Inca Rose is my choice. I really hope it just the way these pictures look and the official site does them more justice. comming from a LOYAL Saldenah fan, i had to put in my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karabana, Thank you for the wonderfull pictures. The camera on my phone is not the greatest.
I attended Saldenah band launch last night. And I am sorry to say I was expecting more. "Fantasy in Jewels" wow what a great theme, you can go all out. I was expecting bling and more bling.
Here's my 2 cents review.

Fire and Ice (Manadarin Garnet) - Seen the headpiece before, something like Nationz Pink Empire, and Rio headpiece - maybe its the same designer. Oops, sorry someone told me in the crowd it is the same designer. Same headpiece but different color and stones. It's ok but not blown away, looks a bit too busy for the eyes.
Diamonds are forever - pretty costume, but I've seen it before in Trinidad, I think its from the Kaotic band years ago.

Inca Rose - OMG, there's Yuma - Angry birds - wire headpiece. with a pinkish color/coral stone in the middle. Wow, and they want to talk about Nationz stealing Trinidad costumes wow.

Jade Empire - nice headpiece for the frontline - not sure of the belt.

Precious Zirconia - Love the baby blue, white and silver. I think the days of putting hanging beads on a bra is a bit 1990's. Cute costume.
Crystal Dreams - I like somewhat, but its a tossed up - pink and grey, not feeling the color combination. Cute costume.

Topazos - But didn't Ronnie did the same color combination last year. Seen the big headpiece before - guess its the same designer for Socavibes - come on try another design for headpiece. Cute costume, seen it before.

The Citron Dragon - like the colors, but what's going on with the boa feather around the
models. Nice costume.

Ruby Rumba - its look to busy for me. what's up with all the appliques on the costume. Seen the headpiece before. The costume is ok.

Emerald Finest- not feeling the color combination - reminds me of Christmas - ok costume.

Serpents' Eyes - I love the costume - well made. love the color combination.

Mystic Topaz - Nice costume.

Garnet in all it's Radiance - not feeling the headpiece - ok costume. Why are the models wearing boyshorts, really can't see the belt somewhat.

Mozambique Tuormaline - Xpats - stole the mask thing from Ronnie and Caro. LOL. not feeling this costume at all.
Hyacinth Opal - Fire of the dessert. The headpiece is a bit busy.

My top picks are: Serpent's eyes - Love this costume and the men's costume also. love the headpiece - well made. good job Section Leader.
Crystal Dreams,
Diamonds are forever, and
Inca Rose.

To the elderly in the crowd with the bald head, who was telling me who is Mr. Boston and what he designed - thanks I can see the similarity between the costumes in Saldenah and Carnival Nationz. Thanks. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I attended Louis Launch and I must say the costumes were spectacular. The place was jam packed and the colours of the costumes were amazing.....well done Louis

Anonymous said...

Well done Saldenah....great job...U gave me a good night's worth of viewing...

I'm not going to compare to any other band but all I can says is I'm definitely playing in de band.

Disappointed said...

WTH......?!?!?! Anticipation to the max, promotion for months and all you can give us is some of the same ole' same ole'???

Someone please tell me what serpents eyes and citron dragon have to do with jewels??? I still can't get it.

Inca Rose....allyuh tief ppl costume.

Jade empire....jade hot mess

Crystal Dreams...with pink and grey???? Many colours flow through a Crystal and the prism gives off many colours and you come with pink and grey!!! They should jail Dr. Jay.

The one that looks like a Christmas present...Emeralds finest needs to find the definition of fine in the dictionary.

Mozambique Trou whaever....nice costume but the belt is ever so messy with those dated beads hanging down.

best representation...diamonds are forever.

I am disappointed, years of playing has with saldenah and now I have to find a new band because these costumes are hideous.

Tribal Knights....Carnival Nationz here I come which one will it be?

Sorely Disappointed!

Anonymous said...

The costumes were tired and so yesterday. One would think that jewells would play a more distinctive part of the theme. Given what I saw the band could easily be renamed "A bunch of feathers and more feathers".

This band has been in a downward spiral for the last few years and its a pity because I use to really love playing with them. Someone has let go the reins of control and it appears that no one is in charge anymore.

I found that there appears to be a cheapness in the costumes...some of the headpieces has a row of uniform feather that makes them look like snap on head pieces. There is absolutely no movement in such headpieces and when the girls turn, all you see is a bunch of ugly straps...come on people, people on the road view these costumes from all angles, its time to pretty up the back of the headpieces.

The men's costumes were so 1980's. More and more it appears that men are considered 2nd class mas players by many of the bands

Anonymous said...

I in Saldenah this year definitely. Love the colour combinations...congrats on another wonderful presentation.

They don't give you 16 year band of the year for nothing....that's for sure......

Anonymous said...

I attended the saldenah launch..first off the place was packed to capacity and this was a huge hall. There was not even room for dancing and getting on bad.

The presentation come on at about 10 to 1 so they did not keep us waiting too long.

I must say I truly enjoyed it. The crowd cheered for all as the costumes came on.

One thing I noticed is that at the end of the presentation people were still in the hall having a good time.

Anonymous said...

Big up to saldenah... Ah was in de crowd,,,a huge crowd with lots of cheers...

good to go Louis....

Anonymous said...

The costumes are not bad, just different. It seems like the designs have gone back to the 'old school' look Louis was always known for. Crystal Dreams is the most youthful looking one but I would have to see the back line to really judge. Who's next to launch? My options are now still open...

Anonymous said...

@Disappointment your comment had my cousin and I dying of laughter.
Honestly where are the jewels??? The used to many dark and dull colours what kind of fantasy is that? Its more like a nightmare. I really see the similarities to others but that whatever, every band has similarities. I like the fire and ice and Topazmic Exposion. Thanks for the photos Karabana!

Lisa P said...

wheres the jewels? and HECK wheres the fantasy? was this a late Aprils fools joke? REALLY!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was waiting to see what Saldenah had to offer and I have to say that my enthusiasm level is at zero. Same stuff, different year. Nothing new offered. I'm truly disappointed.
People keep mentioning how enjoyable the band launch was, and that's great...but it's time for the costumes to take centre stage and they've fallen flat.

Anonymous said...

I love crystal dreams. Tired of playing in the same color combinations, plus the costume looks neat. Some of the costumes looks sloppy. I will wait for prices before I make my decision. But that I have a feeling that crystal dreams will be it. It is a modern edgy costume.

Anonymous said...

o gosh saldenah ah real dissapointed wit you dis year nah. dem costumes deh loooking real messy. allyuh goin down di lakeshore wit saldenah go like like a bunch of chewed up and spit up vomit. Ah calling dis band "disastah 2012, when de world ends" cuz de costumes looking rell bad. di man costume looking like they go i dolla store and but piece a cloth and wrap it round dem and di ladies, oo lawd especially dem waistpiece looking like we still in 1980's I will surely be jumping up with nationz this year, i would rather play mas wid dem all doe dey price raise, you can see di effort in di costume. And i done!

Anonymous said...

I liked sally this year....very fresh colour combinations..

well done sally..I'll be playing with you this year..

Anonymous said...

I like sally because they seem to give you much more for the money in a lot of the costumes.

This is just my taken but it seems Carnival nationz gives a lot less for the big bucks you have to put out.

I gonna wait to see what the price of sally is before I decide

Ex Loyal Supporter said...

Hey Kara, thanks for taking the time to maintain this blog. You are doing a definite service to us mas players.

That being said, I am playing with Tribal Knights. I am getting more bang for my buck. There costumes shows that a lot more thought and effort went into them.

Sally I am soooo disappointed, played last year ah play with allyuh. But not this year!!! Your theme is jewells right? Like allyuh was smoking crack when allyuh was designing dem costumes or wah? What kind ah ting yuh doing to we, is it becuz yuh feel that you have lots of loyal players that you could feed them anyting and de go still play?

So sad, I use to enjoy playing with allyuh

Anonymous said...

what....yuh talk about people at Saldenah launch.....jesssuss.

But anyways apart from the standing room only crowd, I would say a lot of the costumes were well done, but they did have one or two that were back to the 80's....but I'm not going to single out which ones here.

The designers looked like they worked hard to bring the presentations to us and I appreciate this.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Saldenah...

Just once, for goodness sake, make a green costume without incorporating bloody peacock feathers. How many times in a row are you gonna do this? You complain about rising prices, but I'm pretty sure you're still pulling peacock feathers from the same box you purchased in 2003.

After playing with you for 8 or so years, I'm done. Your customer service has slipped the last few years, and the designs and color combinations are old and tired. Get some fresh blood in that mas camp...

Anonymous said...

My dear Karabana, I believe it's time people who own blogs should have the right... and exercise it... to edit some of the garbage that's written, and I believe most of the time to discredit bands and so gain cheap points or increase their membership.
I draw attention to one Anonymous who commented re Louis Saldenah's Band Launch and I quote.."this band has been on a downward spiral", I also wonder if this person lives in outer space. Mr Saldenah's record for the past 5 years are as follows... 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st in 2010 and in 2nd in 2011. If that is considered a downward spiral, then what is considered consistency. Come on bloggers BE REAL and be SENSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

It seems like the anonymouses are out. There were so many different colors jewels it was dazzling.Like they are all Iwer fans and they dissing all over again lol.

Karabana said...

Anon 10:41 AM, we do not publish all the comments that are submitted. Over the past 5 years, there have been many inappropriate comments that don't get published because they don't fall under our guidelines. (Obscene language, slanderous, or personal attacks against us or a band leader/designer.) If a person expresses an opinion we don’t agree with, or describes a negative experience they had, we prefer to post it. If the comment is ridiculously biased, others always offer other opinions, as noted over the years with these band launches.
Our disclaimer states constructive critiques are welcome. Mas makers, for the most part, tell me they want honest feedback on their costumes. They often redesign or upgrade an element in a costume if their customers complain, for ex. When you're in an artistic line of work, you must be accepting that designs are subjective and open to interpretation. I've noticed most designers/section leaders have the thick skin required to be in this business. Does that mean they don't react sensitively to some critique? Of course they must, they're only human to take it a bit personally. So does that mean we should publish only positive comments then? We can't edit comments, & why would I want to do that? This isn't a dictatorship, I'm not going to pick & chose which negative comments I agree with.
People are passionate about mas, not just the mas makers, and you & I may not like their choice of words, or their tone, but everyone has their own way of expressing their feelings.

I definitely don't agree with all the comments, but I'll still publish them. That's the kind of blog this is. People need to have their say, however colourful the language.
Btw, I never discredit bands, don't even know what gaining cheap points is, and our membership has increased just fine without comments (most people who come here don't leave comments).

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Saldenah is the most populous band in Toronto. In the last couple years, they have had more masqueraders than any Toronto band ever. Their record for band of the year wins speaks for itself. A little trash talk online won't change that.

Anonymous said...

To be honest Tribal knights costumes appear to be more blingy and their theme is candy land. They look more like jewels not Saldenah. Tribal knights still maintained a candylicious appearance at the same time. Saldenah still did an alright job.

Anonymous said...

I just registered for diamonds are forever. I believe it will look great wen da sun hits it. I do think that all the costumes remind me of previous years. I am loyal and will stay. People want to pay for new and improved not repeats.

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