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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How sweet it is

Juicy Fruit


Tribal Knight's 2012 Candyland presentation gave us lots of big bright jewels as shiny candy coated treats.

Tutti Frutti

Eye Candy

Juicy Fruit

Hot Lips


Cotton Candy

Tootsie Roll

People often ask what the back of costumes look like, so here you go...

Sugar Rush

Juicy Blues


We still love our huge feathered headpieces in Toronto, so there's not going to be a shortage of them from the bands this year, and wings are big this year, never mind if you're a winged creature or not. Many sections had collars, or a paired down version, without. Basically, feathers are still the go-to mas material for designers. The Juicy Blues section had a few different options, with a couple very pretty jeweled headbands for those who don't wear headpieces on the road anyway. It was nice to see Tutti Frutti's bra options and monokinis. Just like thongs aren't leaving mas any time soon, cage bras are still too new for local designers. They gave us a few different ones, from the very basic wire bra to what I'm going to call a cut out shelf bra.
I liked all the colour combos, most really popped, and will look fantastic on the road. As promised, Tribal Knights has given us a first: Bubblelicious is the 1st frontline only section for Caribana, offering masqueraders 5 choices.

Mr. Big's don't think they forgot you, the male sections have their own Hard Candy launch on
Friday, April 20 @ The MAS CENTRE (83 Dynamic Drive Unit 11, Scarborough - Markham Rd and McNicoll Ave.)


mas#1fan said...

Very nice presetation from Tribal Knights, they keep bringing it better and better every year. It will be intresting to see what Nationz brings, I am still looking for something different though.

Anonymous said...

its all about Juicy Blue! my FAV section! now I need to wait for the band to open up and then i am signing up!

bacchanalist said...

I LOVED TUTTI FRUITTIS OPtions for the monokinis and bras not to mention purple is my fav colour!!! And ohhh weee those wings had me weak way to go Tribal knights

yeayeabe said...

I definitely like the colours and they will look great on the road. My top choices here would be Juicy Fruit (with the collar) Hot lips (cause I always wanted to play in red) and Skittlez – the colours real pop in Skittlez. Glad to see Tribal Knights is hosting a launch for the guys costumes – its about time some more focus was spent on the male costumes representing the band!!

But once again year after year I am more concerned about what the band will be offering and how well they can stand up to their word come August.

Thanks for keep us all updated 

Anonymous said...

I am in love with Tutti Fruitti and Skittlez oh ya and Bubblicious...Tribal Knights seems to be going hard this year! I hope as well that they can stand up to their word come August..that seems to be a problem every year with alot of the bands...

we shall see

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